Actions Speak Louder Than “Moments”


Transportation Trust Fund As NJ Spotlight points out Christie is already two months behind his own schedule for producing a plan for the fund. He pledged during his gubernatorial campaign to use a “pay-as-you-go” approach, and he has consistently said he will not raise the gas tax. The Regional Plan Association has reported that former Governor Corzine’s $3.2 billion transportation spending level was not enough, but Christie has suggested his plan will be even less robust. Our infrastructure maintenance and repair needs are growing exponentially and threatening our lives and future. Governor Christie must stop delaying, establish  a new revenue source (probably increased gas taxes) and build a realistic medium-term plan to address our fraying infrastructure.

Medical Cannabis Regulations – The concurrent resolution adopted December 13 provides the Health Department 30 days to amend or withdraw its proposed regs or the Legislature may invalidate the regs. Hopefully the Health Department will make the four required changes plus others that experts have recommended. However Christie spokesperson Michael Drewniak suggested that only two changes based on Christie’s earlier “compromise” with Assemblyman Gusciora will be implemented. With people seriously ill and in pain, Christie can and must end his pettiness and do better.  

Xanadu Meadowlands Complex – Jon F. Hanson, who heads the governor’s commission on the state’s gaming and entertainment industry, said in November his panel expects to file recommendations to Gov. Chris Christie on the dormant $2 billion mall project before Christmas. He indicated four companies remain interested in the project, which could include the Izod Arena. It’s time to come to terms with a purchaser of this complex where current costs of upkeep are high but where long term value is much higher. Rather than more Christie YouTube “moments” we need more Christie action.


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