Voting Booth Portraits

An unexamined life is not worth living.

Madonna Socrates

Here’s a place for anyone who doesn’t mind giving the rest of us a “peek.”


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  1. southernbluedog

    I voted for LoBiondo for Congress, Zimmerman & Simmons for Freeholder, Hale & Weeks for council, and tried to vote twice for Public Question One.

    While Zimmerman and Simmons were catching flack for their cancer mailer, it’s not a reason for me to vote Republican.  Zimmerman gets my support because I really want someone with a law enforcement background to be on the Gloucester County Freeholder board.  If he wins, I just hope he doesn’t forget the average joe’s that he’s worked with as a cop over the years.

    Hale and Weeks are the only two (of four) Democrats on borough council that I can enthusiastically endorse.  The local GOP has proposed doing things that these two Dems have already done.

  2. Rosi Efthim

    We make voting a big deal at our house. Always vote together, always have our little rituals. OMG I’m a voting fetishist.  

  3. Adam L

    my ballot is highly unorthodox, given my personal involvement, both directly and indirectly in a few of these races.

    Let’s just say that I left 2 races blank due to not liking one candidate and not liking what the other one did with respect to trying to keep anyone from running for Congress.

    And let’s just say that where there was a race I could vote for 3 people (out of 8 candidates), I voted for one Indy (go Camille!), one Republican and one Democrat (the newbie).

    And once more, let’s just say that on one “big” race, I went with the Green Party because (1) that candidate is closest to my views, (2) the incumbent is someone I’ve fought to unseat my entire NJ life and (3) the main challenger did more to lose my vote than I can even begin to describe.

    But then again, living where I do, it’s an odd ballot this time around….

  4. Alex

    I’d have gladly posted a pic after attempting to vote early this morning but the voting machine in my area wasn’t working, forcing me to return after work this evening. I do wonder sometimes why this country can’t get something as simple as running elections right (e.g. the ballot fiasco in New York). I also vote, as a dual citizen, in another country’s presidential elections and have never had any trouble whatsoever. Sigh. Off to face the lines tonight.

  5. denniscmcgrath

    and THEN I had to pump my own damn gas!

  6. Bill Orr

    I voted for Rothman, McNerney (D) (low enthusiasm level), McGuire (D),  Abate (I), Calabrese (D), Carroll (D)

    and YES.


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