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Steven Goldstein and the Garden State Equality brigade standing up for all God’s children. I love this picture.

Equality in the Fall

Photo from Star Ledger via FaceBook.

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  1. LisaR

    Jay, since you used the term, do you know if Steven also will be standing up for those children who do not – or whose parents do not – believe in any gods?  That would certainly be helpful, because nonreligious kids are also a common target of bullying, and their nonreligious parents often have even fewer sources of support in the community.  Truly the last minority it is still okay to disrespect with little to no concern about public admonishment.

  2. Steven Goldstein, Garden State Equality chair

    You bring up an interesting point.  If you look at our emails over the years or have attended our public events, we have frequently appealed to people of every faith or none – we have always stressed the “or none.”  I may be a person who believes in God, but I don’t believe that atheists or agnostics are any less ethical or moral than people who believe in God.  There are plenty of people who invoke God who are haters.  And our bill protects all kids bullied for any reason.

    On another topic, it is tough for me to look at myself in photos.   I gained considerable weight.  In recent months, I lost about half of it through gruesome diet and exercise, yuck.

    The weight gain came from anti-depressants after the marriage equality bill lost at the start of the year.  My friends thought it would be brutal on me, and privately it was more emotionally devastating than anyone could have imagined.

    I must say, the chance to work on this bill that will help all our kids – and to work on a bill that will pass overwhelmingly – well, that’s been more effective than any meds you can imagine.


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