NJ Dem’s Marketing Fail

Markos Moulitsas (“Kos”) posted a diary today entitled “Barack Obama’s marketing fail.”  It points out how some of the mainstream media are twisting the results of the recent Deficit Commission announcement to pin the blame on the president for proposed cuts to social programs.

New Jersey Democrats are also failing at the marketing of their message to the mainstream media.  Case in point: today’s Philadelphia Inquirer article on how Pennsylvania governor-elect Tom Corbett hopes to emulate Chris Christie.

The Inquirer is one of the more politically balanced newspapers around.  Its editorial page is slightly left-of-center, but it has carried far right columnists like Rick Santorum.

In its reporting on what our governor has done with the budget deficit, the Inquirer states:

Because Christie plugged that budget hole without raising taxes, he raised enough eyes round the country to catapult him from Jersey pol to national figure.  (emphasis mine)

In discussions with several of my friends, it is clear that this is the common wisdom – Christie has cut taxes.  Democrats have to do better in debunking this falsehood.  According to the Home News Tribune, when you take into account the deferral of the homestead rebate, this year’s property tax bill will average out to a 23.5 percent increase.  And of course, other taxes and fees such as the NJ Transit fare increase are rising faster than inflation.

It’s ironic that Barack Obama, who lowered taxes on the middle class, is getting a bum rap from the mainstream media, while Chris Christie, who tells seemingly credible lies, is getting the royal treatment.

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  1. cwood123

    Christie has a message that the majority of the people in NJ and the country agree with and has been firm with it while Obama really hasn’t sent a solid or strong message.

    Obama hasn’t hammered home a message, has had mixed results getting legislature passed (which may or may not be popular in this country) all while have a dem controlled congress.

    Christie on the other hand passed a budget with a dem controlled legislature that made big cuts into state spending which was the message he touted before and after his election.

    As a fiscal conservative but social liberal I have mixed feelings about him.  As much as I would like to see some of the programs he cut reinstated it just isn’t possible to pay for them.

  2. Dennis Hyer

    Since Obama created the Deficit Commission and allowed it to be stacked with people who advocate cutting Social Security, I don’t think it’s out of line to blame him for the Commission’s proposed cuts.

  3. mmgth

    The Inquirer hasn’t been slightly left of center since and subsequent to Brian Tierney’s take over. Besides Santorum they had John (waterboard) Yoo as a regular OP Ed columnist. They seem to have a pro Christie agenda printing a front page feature “Christie’s Star Rising” the same week that he lost the $ 400 million for N. J. last summer. It takes a denial of reality to believe Christie has cut taxes and is balancing the budget and how much can Democrats change the narrative in light of this kind of rejection of readily available facts?

  4. tabbycat31

    Seriously their messaging has been off for a long time (which lead to their demise last week).

  5. DabyTymnAbaby

    In discussions with several of my friends, it is clear that this is the common wisdom – Christie has cut taxes.  Democrats have to do better in debunking this falsehood.

  6. sayitaintso

    when the product is Republican lite?

    It’s an idea fail, first and foremost.


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