Linda Greenstein wins big, heads to Senate

One more democrat in the overly androgenic NJ State Senate. Congrats to Senator-elect Linda Greenstein!

Garden State Equality’s FaceBook page:

BIG WIN FOR US IN NEW JERSEY POLITICS: In the most hotly contested state legislative election of 2010, pro-marriage equality Democrat Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein WINS her election for state Senate! Linda has been a target over the years of anti-marriage equality organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and the New Jersey Family Policy Council. Congratulations, Linda! We are thrilled for you.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    With Linda’s win, we will look forward to a stronger Democratic senate. And just in time.  

  2. Senator Loretta Weinberg

    Welcome to the Senate, Linda. You and the additional vote you bring to our caucus is most needed!  So the Governor is the “National

    Republican Brand”, as described by one of the Republican pundits on NJN tonight….but that brand did not win it for Sipprelle, Little, or Goodwin right here in New Jersey! Of course, congrats to the new Congressman Jon Runyon. I guess the Governor can try to claim that one.

  3. Jeff Gardner

    With Linda’s much deserved win, there will be a vacancy in the Assembly needing to be filled.

    Let’s replace a strong progressive voice with another strong progressive voice. 🙂


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