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The AP’s compilation of  New Jersey results is here.  CNN has the same NJ data here.

At this moment (9:14PM), the Republicans lead in all three battleground districts. However, we only have Ocean County (NJ3) and Monmouth County (NJ6/NJ12) results plus a bit from Hunterdon (NJ12).  These are Republican strongholds and the results are consistent with the Monmouth University pre-election polls: Runyan eads 59-37 in the Ocean County votes and led 54-37 in the poll. Runyan looks likely to win, but it’s too soon to call.  DeStefano only got 2% in Ocean County so he’s not draining Runyan’s support.  I’m nervous about Holt but he was expected to do badly in Monmouth.  

Update: Holt (NJ12) and Pallone (NJ6) both win.  Right now they are 51%-48% and 55%-44% respectively but not all districts are in.

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  1. Adam L

    just posted right above you by around a minute behind.

    I’ll paste my diary here and delete it….


    Congressional results here and 6 races already called:

    LoBiondo, Smith, Garrett, Rothman, Payne and Sires already declared winners at NJ.com.

    The big races to watch still have a lot of votes to still count.  Pallone, Holt and Adler still have big battles on their hands, and fingers crossed in the 7th.

    Looks like the predicted changing of the guard in the House will happen but not likely in the Senate.

    What’s on your mind?

  2. Hopeful (Post author)

    As Middlesex starts to report.

  3. Rosi Efthim

    Flemington – lost all 3, our mayor and council races. Potosnak lost but that’s not a surprise. Leonard Lance is from NJ-7 and for many years had his legislative district office here. Still … the Jameson Irish Whiskey, the Bushmills Original and the Glenlivet are on the table, and we’re taking our bad news like … men?

  4. Hopeful (Post author)

    so far, though I don’t think it’s surprising it would win.

  5. Hopeful (Post author)
  6. Hopeful (Post author)

    Not a surprise by now, but since I expressed many doubts about her early on, score one for Menendez and the Establishment.

  7. Rosi Efthim

    RealClearPolitics is reporting with 46% of the vote in NJ-6: Pallone 49%, Little 49%.

  8. Hopeful (Post author)

    Pallone with a narrow lead.  

    Holt now down by 4000.  

  9. Bill Orr

    Runyan is thinking about reading Clift Notes on politics

  10. Bill Orr
  11. ken bank

    Someone posted that NJ-12 was called for Holt.

  12. Hopeful (Post author)

    Lee Ware (D) and Julie Acton (R) both win re-election to keep control of the freeholder board narrowly in the hands of Dems.  Nikki Burke (D) also wins for county surrogate.

    Dems, however, lose every contested township/borough race except for a pickup in Woodstown.   Hiles (D) win that one by 7 votes. Glad I made calls instead of blogging. 🙂

  13. Bill Orr

    NorthJesey.com reported, Bergen County Clerk Kathleen Donovan has defeated County Executive Dennis McNerney in the race for the county’s top position, leading an apparent GOP sweep of the county executive, sheriff and freeholder races.”

    Some of this was self-inflicted. However, with the State’s largest county moving into Republican hands, Christie gains substantial influence here. For all five incumbents to lose should be a warning for Democrats.  

  14. tabbycat31

    Of course working a race in Kentucky which we lost (an uphill battle), I was looking home to NJ for a bright spot.

    I am very glad that I will not come home to Anna Little representing me.  I do want to know what happened to Monmouth county though.  Seems like a lot of work to be done there.


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