Election Day News Roundup & Open Thread

Where are you going to be today? Whose campaign are you pushing? This is an Open Thread …

Polls are open 6am-8pm

  • Looking for your polling place?

  • Pretty good  state overview.

  • Pretty good national overview. And another one.

  • POLITICO: How Dems will play the day.

  • 1-800-311-VOTE: Democrats National Voter Protection Hotline.

  • Hm… I did not know this: Other states, like NY, require employers to let employees have whatever time they need to vote, New Jersey, not so much.

    The only ballot question

  • Thurman Hart explains why he’s voting Yes (so am I).

  • Voters control use of jobless funds.


  • All eyes on 3.
  • 3 competitive House races in the spotlight.
  • Accessing anger – who wins that game?

    Last-day campaigning

  • As the hours count down.

    Christie campaigns – gasp! – in his own state

  • Chris Christie wants another Monmouth tide to drown Frank Pallone and install Tea Party approved Anna Little.

    Democrats outraise, outspend Republicans in special elections

  • Raised 3x what GOP counterparts did in NJ’s 4 legislative special elections, including Linda Greenstein’s LD-14 race for Senate.

    more below the fold

    Trenton: Massive layoffs begin Friday

  • Unless city gets millions in state Transitional Aid.


  • Outreach & matching funds: Newark Mayor Cory Booker kicks off first phase of $100M school reform.
  • Bergen County charter school is denied approval after facing opposition from public school officials. Joining that effort were were District 38 assemblywomen Connie Wagner and Joan Voss.
  • Most NJ school superintendents face salary caps under new enrollment-based cap.

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    1. gary stein

      I googled LoBiondo’s name this morning and up comes Blue Jersey 2007, discussing Lurch’s screw up with the oversight of the Coast Guard refitting of ships, infamously remembered as “Deep Water”   I didn’t dare bring that up this year although I knew all about it!  A multi-billion dollar fiasco. This schmuck has a lot of nerve saying anything negative about the Health Care Bill.  Posted-Gary Stein- Democratic canidate for Congress, NJ’s 2nd


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