Democrats want Bill Palatucci off NJ Redistricting Panel

And I can see their point.

Bill Palatucci, named to the NJ GOP’s redistricting team, was a key player in putting together Chris Christie’s Reform Jersey Now, and is a current board member of the slush fund constructed to avoid disclosure of who is funding the group which clearly exists to promote Gov. Christie’s initiatives, and has not so far done anything else.



Palatucci’s inclusion signals Chris Christie’s hand in the process, and can be read as a indicator of the governor’s future aspirations, says Ross Baker, professor of political science at Rutgers.

In addition to Palatucci, NJ GOP Chair Asm Jay Webber named himself as Chair, GOP state committeewoman Irene Kim Asbury (Vice-Chair), Sen. Kevin O’Toole, Ocean County political boss George Gilmore.

It’s a good day for the transparency-talkin’ governor to open the books on his slush fund’s contributors and start ///

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