Christie Rejects Arbitration Proposals

Christie was the headliner in many papers today for his outright rejection of the Democrat’s arbitration reform proposals.  The Star Ledger was critical of the governor’s attitude –…

His typical behavior has created an interesting scenario.  Does Christie stand his ground and try and twist some democratic arms (besides the alliances he has forged with the pathetic Essex Dems) to ram through his own proposals?  Does Sweeney and Oliver hold their ground out of fear their core constituency will turn on them as primaries inch ever so closer??  Thus far the democrats have turned their backs to labor nearly as much as Christie has.  I suspect labor will be very energetic for the primaries and for the general in 2011.  Labor has been hammered by the Governor over the past year.  The governor’s policies and grandstanding has angered the NJEA, police and fire, CWA, ect..  Trade unions were already hurting because of the recession, Christie’s dumping of the ARC has amplified the number of trade labor members going on the dole.

Christie won the governorship because many union members voted their social values and ignored the endorsements of their respective unions.  Those votes are gone now, social values are going to take a back seat to pocketbooks.  I don’t know how much longer the Dem’s can ignor labor.  Often there will be splits between private and public sector unions.  That spilt is gone as well.

Labor is going to be unified, organized, and ready to spend some money as the primaries near.  Christie drew a line in the sand over this arbitration issue,  will the Dem’s push back on this one or let Christie win again?

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  1. firstamend07

    The Democrats will move a little but the majority of what you now see as the Democratic response WILL BE the final arbitration Bill.

    Christie will just have to live with that.

    Sweeney And Oliver should be given a lot of credit because they are taking a hit from unions on this. But Arbitration reform was needed and this is a good bill.

    Chrisite will have to veto this Bill and if he does then he is to blame for not getting things done.  

    Rememberthos Democratic mayors who were on Christies side? Watch then now jump on board.

    The Dems will win on this issue.  


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