Christie Election Spin: Where’s the Media?

Chris Christie’s spin machine has been at it again since Election Day, doing everything it can to try and claim some kind of mandate for or validation of the Governor’s politics and governing philosophy. In trying to do so, he’s tied himself in rhetorical knots. Amazingly, the press has given him a free pass on this one.

Here’s what New Jersey’s Chief Executive Spinner had to say after Election Day (video courtesy of NJN):

I really felt like we needed to bring some balance back to the congressional delegation, and I saw [the 3rd Congressional District race] as the best opportunity for us to do it…That’s why the Runyan/Adler race was to me the most important.

So the 3rd Congressional District was the most important race to him, where the candidate he endorsed and campaigned for won. Quite an interesting statement, especially considering he sang a very different tune only the day before Election Day:

“Brought in by the Jersey anthem “Born to Run” but his accent now distinctly twanged from his tumbleweed campaign tour of the country, Christie repeatedly staked his name on hometown Hamiltonian Goodwin.

“I said from the beginning that the most important race was Tom Goodwin in the 14th District,” said the governor. “He’s been the hardest working candidate in New Jersey this year, and that’s why he’s going to win.”

Christie’s “guy,” of course, lost in LD14, so he clearly needed to change his “most important race” to suit his political agenda. The question I have is, where’s the media on this? They’ve been almost eager to find validation of the Governor’s politics, but you’d have to think even this brazen attempt to change facts would be subject to some basic reporting.


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  1. mmgth

    This sort of spin may seem kind of  innocuous but the real question Is WHY IS CHRISTIE NEVER HONESTLY SCRUTINIZED BY THE PRESS at all?  


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