2nd District, a Banana Republic?

Frank LoBiondo loves to throw around the word “gaming the system” i.e., some people on extended unemployment insurance are “gaming” the system (no doubt a few are……and, thanks for pointing that out, Frank). Or, the Iranian gov’t is “gaming” us as they continue developing a nuclear weapon (hmmmm, Frank, that’s terrific, good observation!).  Always with the criticism, usually going overboard (he begs for trouble when he does that) and not one idea of his own!

When this arrogant Congressman broke his term limit pledge- the center point of his campaign for an open seat in 1994- he gamed the system!

When he hides from debates….(with me, his 2010 opponent) .he “games” the system.  Anyway, what’s the use going on and on?  They love him down here and don’t want to be confused by some very inconvenient truths, namely, that he’s a liar.  

In the interest of me saving time (there’s only one day left for me to maybe sway one or two voters down here in the fiefdom, once known as the 2nd district) below is a short dairy I posted yesterday in the Daily Kos.  I’m in the venting stage of my physical and mental withdrawal from any more politics for ……at least the next 2 years.  In the Kos diary, there were three links.  One was of me and Goliath at a Courrier Post editorial board meeting- my only opportunity to get in his face- and did I ever.  One was Sunday’s AC Press, touching on the  “troop surge”  controversy I keep bringing up, and one was him blatantly misleading (lying to) Dave Kurkoski, his 2008 opponent, on his, LoBi’s, troop surge position, at a friggin debate!  DO THE RULES ALLOW THAT????  By the way, he missed the actual “troop surge’ vote, but sort of said he maid his position known in the well of the House.  See what I said above about his never knowing when to shut up.  I checked out his slick 5 minute speech before an empty House chamber.  Tomorrow is election day; wish me lots of luck.

Democrat (candidate), U.S. Congress, Need Help ASAP

by blacksheepboy

Sun Oct 31, 2010 at 10:11:49 AM PDT

Real grass roots type(Democratic)candidate.  No money, given up for dead last spring before it even started, etc, etc.  Located in NJ’s 2nd congressional district.  Big opportunity to unseat a good for nothing, rat fink Republican- almost wasted with two days till the election! Incumbent lately taking orders from Tea Party activists (boy, is he ever). Cap and Trade was just one of many sneaky attempts at seeming bi-partisan. Now he apologizes endlessly for that vote, phony’s got to go!  Cap and Trade???  I got him on far worse!! Where is the national Democratic party?  I just needed 2 more weeks…..I had him, I had him on far, far worse than Cap and Trade!  Atlantic City Press, thanks but too little, too late……

  * blacksheepboy’s diary

Kossacks!  We’ll get you up to speed real quick. Here’s today’s headline…

Incumbents LoBiondo, Adler go low-key in two very different races for House.

Here’s me at are only face to face; an editorial board meeting (doing the best I can on another issue, TARP).  Here’s the slick, dishonest Incumbent in 2008 when the Democrats had a slightly better chance of unseating his sorry *@%!

Got to go.  Not in Congress yet, still have my day job (weekends included, I clean offices).  There’s at least a dozen more youtubes that could have been made off that editorial board meeting, ESPECIALLY on the Troop Surge.  No time, no tech. skills.  Immigration, health care, Iran and sanctions, this guy can’t give a straight answer, I had him that day.  

Out the door I go.  Driving my silly, “lima-bean” 86 Chevette with campaign decals to one more Mall to campaign for two hours, and then to work.  A rushed “diary” for sure Kossacks. Will wait for short time to see comments.  What might have been?  Did I mention that nobody filed to run against this guy last spring so I, an average working stiff-registered Republican changed parties to Democrat in March?  Something is rotten in this District and I’m sticking around…..as a Democrat from now on.

Anyway, is there any help out there?  Somebody know somebody who’s got a little sway with the national media?  The jerk lied about his Troop Surge position from 2007 at a 2008 debate! He corrupted an election in 08 and now in 2010.  No debates this year.  The veterans love him, dog lovers, love him (check out his web site) the the yard sign business loves him, and sure, sure about 100,000 registered voters every 2 years like him pretty much too.  Forgive them, they don’t know the facts.  Bye, bye.

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