Weekend News Roundup for Oct. 23-24, 2010

Class of 2010, Drew University

  • Berkeley Heights Council candidate Stephen Yellin (Drew ’10), profiled in his alma mater’s student newspaper.

    An outcome of Sweeney v. Christie Supreme Court standoff

  • (Temporary) Justice Edwin H. Stern.

    ARC Tunnel

  • Is Christie going to pull the plug – – again?

  • New York Times: How a Tunnel Would Help Home Values.

  • 3 government officials have told Associated Press that the cost of the tunnel is $4billion less than worst-case estimate Christie used canceling the project.  

  • Anthony Coley, at CNN, says Christie’s gambling with jobs.

    Stay classy, newspaper readers.

  • Anonymous comments in online news stories.


  • How the candidates are spending right now.
  • NJ-12: Yeah, I just can’t buy that like GOP Scott Sipprelle, Rush Holt is looking to capitalize on angry voters.
  • NJ-8 & NJ-9: Debate schedule.

  • NJ-3: First time in Asbury Park Press recent history, they refuse to endorse.

  • NJ-3: Tea Party.

  • NJ-3: Maybe as many as 20,000 vote-by-mail ballots.

    Thousands of NJ homeowners in foreclosure limbo land

  • Serious delinquency – at least 90 days overdue but not yet in foreclosure – well above national average.

    Christie education-plan contributor & SJ big-wheel Michael Ritacco

    Michael Ritacco, the Christie Transition Team member arrested by the FBI on bribery charges, was the subject of an emergency school district meeting that drew 300 – including Ritacco supporters. Ritacco resigned as Superintendent but may still have a big check coming to him.


  • Newark: Joan Whitlow on the NJ Devils, and their failure to pay rent on the arena they play in, as the city lays off workers.

  • Passaic County: Sheriff candidate Felix Garcia was a subject of an Attorney General’s office investigation in 2002.

  • West Wildwood: Couple files federal lawsuit, claiming government retaliation for launching recall election.

  • Point Pleasant Beach: No more Lord’s Prayer at public meetings. But it’s not over.

  • Jersey City: Silent march against violence and abuse of women in the South Asian community.

  • Somewhere in the waterways of South Jersey … that’s where baseball’s magic mud comes from.

  • Montclair: Strange events on Aubrey Road.

    How the other half lived

  • Boardwalk Empire author Judge Nelson Johnson writes a new book about African-Americans and the creation of Atlantic City: “If you remove the black experience from Atlantic City history, the city never comes to exist.”

    This is an Open Thread. What’s up?

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    1. firstamend07

      Little credit has gone the way of the State Senate President. He has been attacked by those who want an open confrontation with Christie.

      Thankfully the State Senate President has kept his head and fought Christie by simply enforcing the rules of Checks and Balances.

      Christie wanted a 2% property tax constitutional amendment,which would have been a disaster. Sweeney held him off.

      Christie wanted to force a fair Supreme Court justice off the court.He did that but he did not get his choice and now cases are being heard by someone Christie did not want.

      Christie wanted to basically gut the state pension and health plans. Sweeney told him that he can certainly do that but that it would have to be through the upcoming CWA/State contract negotiations and not through legislation.He called Christies bluff and now you no longer hear about pension and health reform from Christie.

      Christies ” tool kit” is NOT being ramrodded through the Legislature. It is being reviewed ,as it should be.Christie did not want that. Sweeney is doing it his way and all the ideas are being checked out.

      There are many more examples.

      What many,and especially many on this site must begin to understand ,is that there are effective ways to win battles and effective ways to handle the ” loud and arrogant”.

      The Governor is getting the headlines but Sweeney is providing a very effective ” check” on him.      

    2. ken bank

      This should have been a slam dunk win for Adler with an incompetent boob for an opponent with a corrupt political machine backing him  and an unenthusiastic GOP base which would likely have stayed home than hold their noses for Runyan.

      Yet, it looks like John Adler will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  I think the APP editorial was right on the mark, beginning with Stefanogate, which has actually helped Runyan by re-energizing the republican base, especially the TNuts who were ready to sit this one out.  

      Then there were those stupid commercials about Runyan’s mansion.  I wasn’t aware until I read the APP editorial that Adler sponsored the bill which made it easier to obtain those tax breaks.  Anyway, I really don’t think that voters care about Runyan’s estate or his tax break.  

      Aside from Runyan’s estate I haven’t seen any other ads on TV from the Adler campaign.  I suppose he has nothing else to communicate to voters, except when he can do it on the taxpayers dime with the franking privilege.  Interesting that while Ed Potosnak attacked Len Lance for abusing the franking privilege, Adler spent three times more than Lance.

      I live in southern Ocean County and driving around I see lots of Runyan signs and nothing for Adler.  It’s a sad commentary that Adler can’t even get what few supporters he has in this part of the district to put up signs for him.  

      Maybe if Adler’s campaign  and organizational staff spent more time figuring out how to energize their own base instead of sabotaging their opponent’s base, they might be up in the polls instead of down and the race would be tagged as “leans Democrat” instead of a “toss-up”.

    3. deciminyan

      Here in Burlington County (at least in the Mount Laurel/Moorestown area), Adler lawn signs have started to crop up, albeit later than Runyan’s ones.  Maybe Adler’s strategy is to capture enough votes in Cherry Hill and western Burlco to overcome Runyan’s popularity in Ocean and eastern Burlco.  Sounds risky to me if it’s true.

      The only thing about an Adler defeat that would devastate me is if Boehner becomes Speaker by one vote.  Besides, if Runyan wins, there will be plenty of blog fodder out there.


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