The Soprano State Movie (A Sneak Peek)

Since we’re living it daily, not much intro is necessary, I’m afraid. As seen heard on BlueJerseyRadio:

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    A must-see. Must say thought that it looks from the trailer as though the more obvious resignation-worthy and arrest-worthy political corruption is well- and excitingly-documented. While the more righteous, considerably more nuanced and deniable corruption of former lawmen turned governor will be utterly ignored.


  2. JRB

    I’m all for ribbing my Italian heritage, but this trailer makes the project seem lazy. The characters and plots are much more complicated and compelling than this. If it’s mostly playing Godfather music while reading years-old news stories, you’re wasting our time.

    I mean, I got the title of the book and all, but this is laying it on a bit too thick.

  3. Hopeful

    comparison was ridiculous in the book and it still is in the movie trailer. Guess what, NJ has more people per square mile too. Have you seen the rest of the country?  


  4. ken bank

    Didn’t he write the book this movie was based?  I never read the book and don’t intend to.  Ingle’s cheerleading for Christie columns in the APP are nauseating enough, and I question his objectivity.  Quite frankly, I wouldn’t subscribe to anything he was involved with.  

    I am curious as to how many Democrats compared to Republicans are featured as “bad guys”.  Ingle seems the sort in taking great pleasure “exposing” Democratic misdeeds, while ignoring Republicans for the same thing.

    And I’m sick and tired of political shills like Ingle promoting the notion that New Jersey Democrats are somehow the most corrupt political organization in America.  That’s pure Christiecrap.  I grew up in Philadelphia politics, my Dad was an active fundraiser for the Republican Party, and the stuff he told me before he passed away would make this “Soprano” s#!t look like a Quaker prayer meeting.


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