NJEA Loser Mentality Strikes Again

Yes, this is true. NJEA failed to endorse NJ-7’s Ed Potosnak. I don’t get it either. A few facts: Ed has a graduate degree in education from Rutgers, where he also taught student teachers & teachers retooling their skills how to use technology to get kids more excited about science lessons. This is something he put in practice himself as a chemistry teacher at Bridgewater-Raritan HS, which is where he won an Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship and used it to work on federal education policy with Rep. Mike Honda of California. Hello?  

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You have got to be f*&!ing kidding me:

(Morristown) – October 1st, 2010 – On Friday, the New Jersey Education Association’s 125-member political action committee voted to endorse Douglas Herbert for Congress in New Jersey’s Eleventh Congressional District. Douglas Herbert is the only New Jersey Congressional challenger that they chose to endorse.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for Herbert’s candidacy, and I think he’d be far, far better than Little Lord Frelinghuysen, who is such a “moderate” that he voted to impeach Bill Clinton.

No, my issue – once again – is how the NJEA can get behind Herbert but can’t muster up support for the clearly superior candidate in NJ-7, Ed Potosnak – a TEACHER in the district!!!

Barbara Keshishian, the NJEA President, said, “Each of our endorsed candidates has distinguished himself or herself by advocating for great public schools, public school employees, and for the 1.4 million New Jersey schoolchildren our members educate.”

Yeah, and the one you DIDN’T endorse actually teaches those kids!

Honestly, Barbara – what the hell? Potosnak’s opponent, Leonard Lance, said teaching jobs saved by the recent federal funds were “negligible.” Are you OK with this?

I met Ed last month, and he is a great person and will be a great congressman. Get your act together, NJEA, and get behind this guy.

Note from Rosi: mquigby and Kelsey17 both wrote about Doug Herbert’s NJEA endorsement.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman (Post author)

    The NJEA twice declined to endorse Linda Stender in NJ-7 in the last two elections.

    I don’t know why the NJEA is happy to give up NJ-7 without a fight over and over and over again.

  2. firstamend07

    They are bad union leaders . They have misread the public for the last two years and have created a situation where a highly regarded profession is now looked down upon.

    They have hurt the cause of their members and they have hurt the cause of all government workers with their backwards stands.

    Politically, they have become joke.

    But most of all they are just plain arrogant.

    The teachers of this State deserve better leadership.


  3. Kelsey17

    what this shows and other recent developments is that doug herbert is the most viable in the challenger.

  4. ken bank

    What does Ed Potasnak have to say about this?  Has he released a statement?  Did he interview with the NJEA?  Did his co-workers have anything to say about this?

    Lots of questions and no answers.

  5. firstamend07

    Does anyone who has watched the NJEA leadership with an open mind over the past 18 months belive that those people are in tune with the real world?

    These people have polluted thewhole public sector union workforce with their out of touch,arrogant stances.

    This is just another example.Too bad so many people keep making excuses for the NJEA leadership.

    In my eyes they are what they are, poor union leaders period!

  6. Bill W

    …why they didn’t endorse in the 7th?  

    It’s kind of difficult to come to any conclusions here without knowing how they made that decision.


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