I’m wearing purple next Wednesday.

A kid I know sent me this and asked me to demonstrate solidarity with gay kids by wearing purple next Wednesday.

Last night was 12 years since Matthew Shepard was beaten up and tied up to a split rail fence in Laramie, Wyoming, left to die. Prayers were said, candles were lit, and tears were shed for him last night all over again all over the country.

For Sakia LaTona Gunn, who was murdered at a bus stop in Newark, New Jersey, there was considerably less press, and less widespread outrage. Except for Ellen DeGeneres, gay men get much better press than lesbian women. Sakia was 15 years old. Just a kid trying to get home from a night of fun in NYC, attacked after turning down some jerk’s advances. Sakia fought back. He didn’t like that.

Tyler Clementi’s suicide was a gut punch to New Jerseyans, and only the beginning of an awful week of young gay kids taking their lives across the country.

A 15-year-old kid I know sent me this, and asked me to wear purple  

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