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It angers me because it has become crystal clear that the Norcross/Adubato power brokerage purposely let Corzine lose because Corzine wouldn’t play ball with these assholes.  Even worse now, the  Norcross/Adubato team conspires with Christie in order to hold the reigns of power.  This was evident in the RTTT hearings given the subversive rantings of Ruiz and Cunningham.  The brokerage obviously has Booker in their camp now.  I wish we could have a Democratic tribunal and expel these assholes to the GOP where they belong.  

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  1. firstamend07

    What makes you the gatekeeper for the Democratic Party?

    First of all Corzine lost his own campaign. He was a horrible campaigner and he ran a horrible campaign.

    The mood of the state has gone from left center to right center. Everyone can see it. The Norcross/Adubato “team” appears to have recognized that mood switch and has adapted to it. If they had not then the pendulum would be moving even further to the right.

    The Democratic Party always had a bigger tent then the GOP. Unfortunately some people do not seem to like this big tent and would prefer ” expelling these assholes” . That is a shame.

    If you get rid of the center and center right Democrats all you have left is a fringe party of left wingers who would never win an election.The “happy martyr ” party!

    It is a tough time right now and the storm must be weathered. Throwing people out of the Democratic Party is short sighted.

    At the end of the day there is more in common with Norcross/Adubato then with Christie.

    Next year both the State Senate and Assembly is up for election.

    Do you really want Jay Webber to be Assembly Speaker and Tom Kean to be Senate President?

    Stop crying about the Democrats and go on the offensive against the Republicans.    

  2. Thurman Hart

    this is the first time I’ve heard anyone suggest that Sandra Cunningham, who is from Jersey City and has the support of her deceased husband’s coalition, is actually a too of Norcross/Adubato. Especially since the HCDeadO has been going through a process of bringing into the fold it’s sectarian power-brokers – like Cunningham – onto the same team with Sacco, Healy, and Stack.

    Generally speaking, you don’t get more power by throwing people out.

  3. 12mileseastofTrenton

    The way they run and hide 99% of the time when Christie’s blusters and threatens, you have to wonder what good they do.  The axis you speak of saw to it that Dick Codey was railroaded out of power.  He was the one Democrat in the Legislature with the cred to take on Christie.  In his place, he put in Sweeney, who’s Christie’s ally 80% of the time, and Shelia Oliver, a totally ineffective empty suit.  Plus you have Cory Booker, who’s even more up Christie’s ass than Sweeney is.

    In short, the state party is a pathetic crew of sellouts and cowards.


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