“Consequences of Christie”

With Chris Christie spending most of this month out of state for GOP political trips – sometimes with a powerful GOP lobbyist along, sometimes getting in the face of people with questions – NJDSC produced a video primer of our Governor, with some of the things he might not be mentioning as he helps Republican candidates rake in the money in the days leading up to the November election. Here it is, called “Consequences of Christie. Does it tell the story?

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  1. sandy23

    we in NJ are dealing with.  It should go nationwide so those deluded souls who see him as the best thing since slice bread, know the real story.

    One suggestion.  The video should be interactive, some of the information takes longer to read than others viewer should be able to move forward at their own pace.

  2. William Weber (WjcW)

    the democratic legislature could have presented an alternative budget….

    Oh wait, they could have… the only altrenative they offered was restoration of senior rebates via an extention of the millionaires tax… one slide.

    If only they could have extended that tax while Governor Corzine was in office….

    Oh wait, they could have… but weren’t aware of the depth of the problem… yes… all those horrific slides, and they weren’t aware…. apparently they thought revenue would be 2 to 3 billion dollars higher than it actually was… a slight miscalculation on their part.

    If only they could have increased the gas tax while Gov. Corzine was in office…

    oh wait again,… they could have, but instead endorsed Gov. Corzine’s plan to refinance the TTF, knowing the fund would be broke AFTER the election….

  3. Bill Orr

    and makes excellent points.

    It probably presents more points than an outsider can easily digest. Some folks will not be able finish reading and comprehending the points before the screen changes and more points are added. A voice-over reading the points or summarizing them could help. Perhaps the sound could be more ominous. I liked the video.

  4. robosz

    with previous production-specific critiques, and would add that the theme music makes the whole thing very weepy.  While it is clear that the people and services hurt by the cuts are “victims” of the Consequences, it makes the people seem weak … when in fact you want to show that these are the people who will shoulder more of the overall financial burden now, relative to their personal income, and that effective services or programs (women’s health $, solar energy $) are being rendered less effective by a lone politician’s personal choices.  Just a more neutral or more motivating, stimulating cut of music might help change this tone.  The “Just 8 Months” phrase is very effective and a reference to who is exactly “sharing the pain” might help too.


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