Christie calls Pallone “the sponsor of Obamacare”

The Cook Report has shifted NJ-6 from Solid Democrat to Likely Democrat, as Frank Pallone’s lead on Tea Party approved Republican Anna Little dropped from 12 points to 7 with a week to go.

Now comes Chris Christie hard-charging for Pallone, calling him “the sponsor of Obamacare”. Obamacare being pure dogwhistle pitched to get people who may be without health care coverage themselves to agitate against what may be their own best interests. Yet another signal that Chris Christie’s take on New Jersey is temporary.

With this ad, Christie allies himself with the shriekers, screamers and name-callers of last summer’s Town Halls on health care reform. With this ad, he chooses a Tea Party candidate to pump, defusing some of the lingering resentment from the uber-right that Christie isn’t ‘conservative’ enough, that Steve Lonegan was better.

Most importantly, Christie becomes a huckster for the national stink bomb that is the far-right’s gross distortion of health care reform; not that it’s problematic because it doesn’t go far enough or fast enough, but for them that it dares to tie any responsibility or requirement at all to insurance companies making vast sums. Worse, with New Jersey having the 9th-largest number of uninsured people in America, quite a few of those 1.2 million living in Middlesex, Monmouth, Somerset & Union counties that comprise NJ’s 6th congressional district, we now have a Governor huckstering for the right-wing on their national issues – not his state issues – flying around the country doing favors for Republicans he can collect on later, and screwing up just about everything at home. Good plan!

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  1. sayitaintso

    I’m disappointed by the huge number of Little signs I see in my deep blue town.

    And nary a green wave.  

    Sheesh, even my bumper sticker has Pallone’s in type so small you can hardly read it.

  2. carolh

    should be a badge that Congressman Palone wears proudly.  I actually spoke with him about HCR while it was still being debated and I know how hard he worked to get it done.

  3. RightOne

    …just won’t be satisfied until the government takes over the health care industry in toto.

    This is America. Government has no right to do anything of the sort. Obamacare isn’t “reform.” It’s destruction.

    Luckily, most people get it. And if you don’t get it yet, then maybe the butt whipping you’re about to receive on Tuesday will wisen you up to it.

  4. lfurman

    altho I prefer single payer.  


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