2016 Republican Presidential Primary Chugs Along

If you’re wondering why Chris Christie suddenly decided to sabotage his own state’s main rail project, look at what his potential 2016 Republican Presidential primary opponents have been up to in the last few months:

In Wisconsin, which got more than $810 million in federal stimulus money to build a train linebetween Milwaukee and Madison, Scott Walker, the Milwaukee County executive and Republican candidate for governor, has made his opposition to the project central to his campaign….

The potential Republican governors of Ohio, Florida, and California — all ideally positioned to run for President in our electoral college system — are also discussed in the NY Times article. You don’t think we’ll see another Senator become President anytime soon after the bailouts? Meg Whitman in particular dropped $100 million to be governor so imagine what she’d think the Presidency was worth. Christie had to move quickly to compete.

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