Tonight: DFA Night School (free)

Sometimes I resist talking here at Blue Jersey about Democracy for America, because it carries the biggest of my full disclosures and I’m mindful of not overusing this site to promote the other part of what I do, and what Jeff Gardner does. So, full disclosure: Jeff and I are 2/5ths of the DFA-NJ executive board. We help run DFA here in NJ and that means sometimes we get to preside over unbelievable resources pouring into this state from DFA (newbies, DFA was founded by Howard Dean; its first electoral win got him elected DNC Chair to launch 50-State Strategy – yeah, proud).

After DFA Campaign Training, comes DFA Night School: a national conversation & online training program anybody can do from home. It’s free. Tonight’s the last session, and it’s not too late to jump on the call & follow on line:

GOTV: Getting Out the Progressive Vote

TONIGHT: 8:30 pm

GOTV: It all comes down to this. The future of our country may depend on how effective our GOTV operations are this year. Fortunately there is some cutting edge new research to help you plan your GOTV efforts. This hour long online training will show you what works and what doesn’t when it comes to GOTV tactics. Our guest trainers will be Helen Strain and the Analyst Institute.

You missed the rest of DFA Night School season? No prob. It’s archived:

Messaging for Progressives

Mobilizing key constituencies – Labor, Women & Veterans

Creating a positive campaign culture

Relational Organizing 101 – House parties & Emergency Meetings

Mobilizing Progressives with teh Google

(Click here for the on-line slides that go with every one of those Night Schools.)

On the jump page, links for past DFA Night School seasons, including George Lakoff and sessions recorded at Netroots Nation:

More info goodies from other campaign seasons:

Campus Organizing (plus download Campus Organizing how-to from the DFA Training Manual – free)

Candidate Recuitment


Building a Better County Party

The Political Mind (with George Lakoff)

Plus more. Find & listen to it all.  

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