Tea Party Gets Press, Real Workers Ignored

Apparently the Longshoreman’s Association is currently shutting down the ports in Elizabeth and Newark in a protest over loss of jobs.  This is a huge deal that is getting little coverage, perhaps because it doesn’t have the antics, hate or handguns of a Tea Party rally.

But what stood out most to me was this line:

On Labor Day, dock workers at the Port of Philadelphia tossed pineapples into the Delaware River to protest Del Monte’s decision to move its produce operations to a less costly port.

There you have true tea party activism.  Just like the Boston colonists tossed tea in the bay to protest tea taxes, these union members tossed produce to protest the loss of jobs transporting and storing produce.

But did it get any coverage?  I read about 10 papers a day and I don’t remember seeing anything about it.  A Google News search pulls up quite a few articles from the nether reaches of the paper, but outside of the Philly Inquirer there was little front page coverage.

Yet tea parties get tons of coverage, despite (or perhaps because of) their primary funding coming from the Koch Billionaire’s Club, corporate sources and free advertising from Fox News.  It reminds me of winter 2003 when millions of people throughout the country rallied against invading Iraq, yet got little coverage.  Then a couple hundred thousand people in support of the war counter protested in DC and it led the television newscasts.

Liberal media, my ass.

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  1. brendanod

    Christie’s national media coverage.  He is portrayed like he is the messiah of the GOP.

    All that is covered is his bullshit machismo with no mention (except for Ed Schulz) of how destructive his ideology is to the majority of the citizens he is supposed to serve.

  2. SmartyJones

    Big Ed can be infuriating and inspiring – almost at the same time.

    But one thing he is – is pro-labor.

    I have a humble suggestion.  You might want to forward a copy of your diary and/or an email to him (OK, his staff).  Regardless of how one feels about him, he does try to stand up for the little guy.

    Ms. Oprah (OK, her staff) either didn’t to the background reseach or chose to ignore it.  I don’t think Big Ed would.

  3. deciminyan

    I also suggest you send a letter to the editor of the Inquirer thanking them for the coverage of the Dole incident.  They probably get dozens of letters from the other side, and when we see something we approve of, we need to let them know.

  4. Winston Smith

    was anti-corporate, against the British East India Corporation – see:


    Targeting Dole was in this American radical anti-corporate tradition.

  5. robosz

    I believe the same effect happened when large numbers turned out earlier this year for the public worker rally.  Many sympathetic groups joined in, and that number showed many people across NJ’s geography and walks of life cared enough to make a statement.  Result: Minimal press, minimal media bounce.  Had it been a rally outside the State House with two dozen TP’s shipped in from Ohio on a bus, it would have been portrayed as a “groundswell” of grassroots support for the TP fantasy cause.

    Just one personal plug: here’s another reason Chris Christie wouldn’t mind seeing NJN go away, or being sold/transfered to some group that is friendly to his politics … currently he sees no need to break away from a friendly/cozy relationship with 101.5 and Fox News.  Gov traditionally has the bully pulpit.  The legislature will never be covered by anyone again (on tv) if NJN disconnects from state support, and who knows who will be the new media gurus/owners who will define its new mission and produce its product (once they get it from the Christie admin.)

  6. deciminyan

    Today’s NY Times carried the article about the Tea Party blocking the bill in the Senate that would have given tax credits to companies that return jobs to the US instead of keeping them off shore.  The article was buried on the bottom of page 19.  It should be front page news when one party blocks American jobs in this day and age.


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