Scott Sipprelle advertises like Blagojevich

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Scott Sipprelle just released a new radio ad, blasting Rush Holt for saying that government spending has made us a “richer country.”

Not the best sound bite, I’ll admit, but consider this from Jonathan Alter:

The economy was losing 740,000 jobs a month in January 2009, when Obama took office. If we stayed on the pace we were on, we would have had — without exaggeration — another Great Depression, with 20 percent unemployment by the end of 2009.

Like it or not, the February 2009 stimulus spending/tax relief bill curtailed the gusher that was the Bush era job-hemorrhaging. And it might have been more effective had it been bigger. Do not forget that the stimulus was limited to $787 billion in the Democrats’ (unsuccessful) effort to attract Republican votes in the House.

And while Sipprelle wants to heap more tax cuts on the wealthiest, keep in mind that the stimulus bill was the biggest middle class tax cut since Ronald Reagan was president.

Sipprelle’s knock on Holt kind of reminds me of Republican’s contention that, ‘Government spending didn’t end the Great Depression — World War II did.’ (Because those battleships were built by tax cuts for the wealthiest, right?)

But in any case, it’s especially entertaining how Sipprelle’s ad men are bilking him with unnecessary time. The name is “SIPPRELLE” for crying out loud. It’s about average length, and not at all hard to pronounce. Unlike other names:

And Blago’s is more believable because it’s a kid! You have two grown ladies who don’t know how to pronounce SIPPRELLE? Come on.

Scott, for a self-proclaimed fiscal conservative, you ought to know when to close your wallet.

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  1. Rosi Efthim

    You have two grown ladies who don’t know how to pronounce SIPPRELLE? Come on.

    Yes, that’s unintentionally funny. But it’s the snide tone of the chicks in this ad that I think sounds most dumb. Particularly, as you point out, given the subject matter.  


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