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Saw this article today in the Star-Ledger: South Brunswick driver suspended after denying missing twins were on her bus.

These type articles about incompetent drivers are unfortunately,  common.  For those familiar with Passaic Ave. in Roseland, my wife had another story told to her today about a family friend who had their  5 year old who was dropped off by a school bus company and left by himself on Passaic Avenue!  The child was hysterical, but had a safe outcome.

Getting the cheapest labor we can find has its drawbacks.  The lowest bid is not always the best deal. We bitch and moan about the overpaid teacher or fire fighter who lives next door, but remain silent or unaware about the custodian or school bus driver who has been laid off and replaced by non-union labor that drives, feeds, and maintains the schools we entrust our children to.  

I am not saying that every non-union replacement worker is bad, or that every union member is the best employee.  What I can say is that privatization equals profit for somebody, and it is typically not the employee who profits.  History has proven time and time again that greed is willing to overlook ethics.  Who do we think is going to drive a school bus for 9 bucks per hour, 32 hours per week (to avoid the employer paying benefits)?  What person can possibly live the American dream making 12k per year (9x32x180 days) with no health or retirement benefits?

This is what we have become, and what Governor Christie desires.  The right to work?  The right for employees to have no voice in their working conditions?  The right to find the cheapest possible labor?  The right to turn profit on our children and school districts?  The right to expand the void between the haves and have nots?

We feel better because the $9 per hour driver will be terminated.  The driver will find another job as a driver or accept another job for less pay.   Paying people less is not the solution to lower our taxes.  One way or another we will pay.  I just hope my kid gets dropped off at the right stop.  

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