Open Letter to Chris Christie on Hydraulic Fracturing

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I am a licensed Water Resources Professional Civil Engineer in NJ. I am also a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers. I work hard every day in my small business to make sure that water resources are protected during construction projects. I find it unconscionable that the process known as Hydraulic Fracturing is allowed to continue immune from the Safe Drinking Water Act.

The devastating result of this technique negates all of the efforts of my profession over all these decades.  (Find out why below the fold)

We are charged with protecting the water, but drilling in the Delaware River Basin will destroy drinking water for millions of citizens (and voters) in the NJ watershed.

Builders in NJ cannot (and should not) discharge dirty stormwater directly into the ground, and yet gas drilling companies are allowed to force nearly 500 toxic chemicals directly into the ground ON PURPOSE.

You will not be able to take it back once the damage is done.  

Please think about the future of our state’s drinking water before you allow something to happen because of short term financial gain.  Real estate with poisoned water will be worthless in a green future after we graduate from fossil fuels.  Don’t just protect our coastline – we have another shore and it is in serious danger because the head of our DEP is making deals behind our backs instead of protecting the environment.

I am going to Rutgers tomorrow for a 3 day class just on stormwater in NJ given by your own NJDEP to protect our drinking water. Please show at least the same commitment and don’t let hydrofracking happen on our western shore with the blessing of the head of the NJDEP.  It is hideously hypocritical. It will make all the efforts to save the environment completely futile.  

You won because you promised to be better on the environment than Corzine.  Please show us that you do care.  Stop Hydrofracking in the Delaware River Basin.

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  1. SmartyJones

    for posting this diary.

    As I mentioned in a comment to a diary by Winston, people who can’t wrap their heads around “fracking” should run to see Gasland.

    When you see the flames coming out of a couple’s water faucet, you will get the idea.

    Fracking is a fracking bad idea.

  2. carolh (Post author)

    a private screening in Manhattan with the producer.  It was quite upsetting.  

    When I actually saw, with my own two eyes, the head of the NJDEP say on NJN one night that he was ok with it just about blew my mind.  To destroy the pristine Delaware River by diverting millions of gallons of pure fresh water and turn it into dirty poisoned water would be a tragedy to dwarf the Gulf Oil spill.  This is aside from the effect of having natural gas come up everywhere into people’s water pipes.  We just had a rude reminder in California of just how unsafe natural gas can be.  Just imagine gas not confined to a pipe, but just everyhwere, seeping up from the ground. Terrifying really.

  3. William Weber (WjcW)

    on what the gas companies are doing. But I have built a house in my lifetime, and drilled a well, (which didn’t recover after a depth of 900 ft) and hydraulic fracking saved it. Don’t they just use water? They did in my case.

    What do the gas companies do differently?

  4. Winston Smith

    With clarifications:

    1) picking nits, you meant to say “Safe Drinking Water Act” in first paragraph; and

    2) please do not hold out the DEP stormwater program as some sort of model –

    Builders get away with murder on stormwater management in NJ – just read the recent report by Delaware Riverkeeper that focued on Hamilton Township (Mercer County) and lax DEP oversight.

    3) Christie’s DEP is now revisiing the stormwater regulations’ technical manual and guidance documents to weaken them in order to PROMOTE DEVELOPMENT, relax technical requirements and make it easier to build in C1 strream buffers.


  5. carolh (Post author)

    A Video of Mark Ruffalo explaining the situation in Pennsylvania.

  6. carolh (Post author)

    This was the protest BEFORE the other video.

    The reason this is important to NJ is that many NJ residents draw drinking water from the Delaware river.


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