NJ-12: Rush Holt’s new ad, Dream

I was going to post Rush Holt’s new ad today anyway. But I like what JRB said about it when he beat me to the punch posting it in Quick Hits. You might have missed it over there. So I’m just going to quote JRB, because he’s funny as hell, and in this case dead-on. JRB:

I sometimes think that if Sam Seaborn were a real person instead of a character on The West Wing, he’d be a lot like Rush Holt.

Want to get in on this campaign? There are things going on every day in every county in NJ-12, from knocking on doors and making calls to stuffing envelopes. Call HQ at 609-799-0800 to jump in.

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  1. Nick Lento

    A wonderful ad!!!   This truly is an instance of “The Problem vs The Solution”!

    Hedge funds are an essentially corrupt legalized way of engaging in economic parasitism.    They are not so much about providing legitimate risk transference to investors as they are about finding ways to legally manipulate flaws in the system to virtually guarantee high rates of return to “sophisticated” investors.

    This video was posted in May of 2007……..

    …the references to and critique of “nake short selling” was prescient.    For someone in this industry to have the nerve to dare to be running for congress is like a fox running to be in charge of the care and maintenance of chicken coops.



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