News Roundup & Open Thread for Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2010

Health care override fails

  • Zombie Party Discipline – Will It Give Way to Compromise & Reconciliation?

  • I think this qualifies as Blue Jersey Comment of the Day (sandy23).

  • Senator Loretta Weinberg talks about the stakes – before the vote, and Senate candidate Linda Greenstein on the Rally.

  • Assemblywoman Linda Stender talks about the vote – after the vote.

  • Senate fails to override Christie’s family planning veto – What do you make of Diane Allen and Jen Beck’s remarks, Blue Jersey?

    More Trentonia

  • You saw this coming – right?

  • Christie grabs a baton and runs ahead of a bus.

  • Legislative task force to study closing Hagedorn Psychiatric Hospital, which cares for elderly mentally ill patients.

    Statehouse confrontations highlight increasing tension between Christie & Democrats

  • Stark differences the last few days, especially.  

    Poll: Who’s responsible for the Race to the Top loss?

  • Gov. Christie gets the blame for the bungled education funding application (not Bret Schundler), but his job approval rating still stands at 45% with 38% disapproval among all surveyed. For registered voters asked, those numbers tighten to 44%-40%.

  • Full poll report.

    A Karcher-Zimmer-Runyan problem

  • Talking donkey, not elephant.

    Public pension giveaway should be top target for probe by Legislature

  • Charlie Stile says we should be prying open the “musty pension ledgers of the past.”


  • NJ-6: Anna Little moves up a peg in the NRCC ascendancy: “On the Radar” for “Young Guns” status.

  • NJ-7: Dem challenger Ed Potosnak went public with support for the ARC Tunnel and the restoration of the West Trenton Train Line.

  • NJ-12: Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was in for Rep. Rush Holt.

  • NJ-8: Rep. Bill Pascrell, former history teacher, teaches some Maine school kids via Skype.

    No hiring spree for NJ schools

  • Education officials announce allocation of $268M in federal funds.

  • Because of the governor’s delays, $268M federal dollars came after the start of the school year, it’s funding that may not continue, and some of it is designated for the poorest districts. Leaves some districts in a quandary.


  • Tony Mack’s loan a weight on his debt and his image.

    US offers utility bill aid for NJ residents

  • $3.9 million dollars worth.
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