LISTEN LIVE: Veto override vote on women’s health

UPDATE: Veto override vote failed 23-17. Senators Jennifer Beck and Diane Allen both indicated they would have interest in finding alternative funding. We’ll post more detail as we get it.

Also see Jay’s diary from Trenton.

I’m listening – or trying – to the live feed from the NJ Senate session, which is now taking up an override vote on Gov. Christie’s veto of women’s health care access funding. The link is not embeddable and I’m having all kinds of trouble hearing it. Listen Live – maybe you’ll have better luck. Jay is at the State House and we’ll be getting some color commentary later.

Already Senator Weinberg, with Assemblywomen Linda Stender, Pam Lampitt and Linda Greenstein at her side has talked about her frustration getting straight answers from the NJ Treasurer whose response to her Open Public Records request for the figures and documents detailing his decision that alternative funding for women’s health cannot be provided via the route suggested by the non-partisan Office of Legislative Service. Weinberg had some figures of her own to cite, among them:

  • 136K women and men able to access basic health care through family planning centers.

  • 40,000 unplanned pregnancies prevented through this program.

  • 70,000 women received breast exams. 4,000 referred to mammograms through that initial testing, providing the crucial prescription from a physician which is the only way to have access to mammogram.

  • 130,000 testing for sexually transmitted disease.

  • More than 70,000 people cared for there, that have no health care coverage otherwise.

    Senator Buono also took the floor, disparaging an Op-Ed by the leader of NJ Right to Life which called Planned Parenthood “radical.”

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    1. Babs NJSD

      That was the “simple” message from Sen. Haines to the dozens of activists who engaged him as he left the Republican Caucus room headed toward the Senate chamber. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all Republicans would march in lock-step with Christie on this one and “deny the facts”!


      Kudos to the energy and dedication of the trio of young female activists that followed Jen Beck to the ladies room with their message!

      Diane Allen? You voted against women’s health care? Shame on you!

    2. sandy23

      As someone who provides services to homeless and poor women and children, I am appalled at what happened today. I know first hand how important these services are.  “go to the ER” in Newark, and wait 3-4 hours for an exam, because you are not a high priority.  Don’t get a mammogram and let Medicare pay for possible cancer treatment.

      I can’t find the words to express how angry I am (a highly unusual state for me).  The lack of moral fiber and compassion exhibited by the Republicans, is truly astounding.  How do they sleep at night knowing that they are depriving poor people of quality health care.

      and yeah, Shame on Diane Allen, I always thought she was reasonable but I guess when it comes to saving your political a**, it all goes out the window.  She of all people should know better and exhibit more sensitivity about this issue.

      I AM DISGUSTED!!!!!


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