Ladies … Fellas … What are you doing next Tuesday night?

You want to call some friends?

In the lead up to a show-down on Gov. Christie’s decision to cut out state funding for un- and under-insured women’s access to basic health care, the Democrats are announcing a phone bank:

Tuesday, Sept. 14



196 West State Street, Trenton

The purpose of the calls is to reach out to supporters to remind them to ask their own elected officials to vote Yes for to override Gov. Christie’s veto on women’s health care a few days later, on September 20. No doubt many of you who show up – men, how cool it would be if you’d be there too – are experienced phone bankers. But I should also point out that calls to allies – as these calls will be – are the most rewarding calls to make. Easy.

Blue Jersey’s own Senator Loretta Weinberg has been front and center, the strongest advocate in the Senate to find and get approval to replace the funds and continue to make cancer screenings, HIV testing and pre-and post-natal care available to people who have no other reliable place to go for care. The Christie administration has nixed the alternative funding source suggested by the non-partisan Office of Legislative Services (OLS) but thusfar has provided no reason why those funds should not be used. The governor wants this to go away.

Can you be there? Email Heather or call 609-392-3367.  

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  1. speedkillsu

    Because CC likes nothing better than humiliating the  uninformed ,union mouthpieces  ….his latest… …. this gal should know although N.J. has the “Best schools in the country” it really is meaningless considering  the fact that the US rates 23rd out of 25 developed countries in education despite paying more per student than any other country.  


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