Is this a joke?

I was pretty excited to hear that Chris Christie set a deadline for real reform:

“We can’t wait any longer for these reforms to be done,” Christie told a mostly friendly crowd of about 250 in a Republican bastion. “One hundred and seven days is plenty of time for the guys and women in the Legislature to get down to work and get things done.”

…Christie outlined broad themes, leaving most specifics to be unveiled at four more town hall meetings around the state through the month, …

So, about 25% of those days will spent waiting for Governor Christie to get around to telling us what he’s talking about.

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  1. firstamend07

    This guy giving out ultimatums is getting old fast.

    Time lines, demands,blame, he does those things well.

    Concrete ideas that can be put into legislative form are foreign to him.

    It is time for him to shut up and get some work done by putting ideas on paper, giving them to the Republicans in the Legislature,and presenting things as formal bills.

    Even his tool kit proposals were vague or unworkable.

    I guess he just wants to hear himself talk…..  


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