How much is “enough”?

Here are a few things to consider:

Chris Christie won the Governor election with less than 50% of the vote.  That means more than half of the voters wanted someone other than him to govern.

He has consistently abused his power.   He pulled rank as a US Attorney to get out of a ticket when he went the wrong way down a one way street, and also pulled rank when he got a speeding ticket in an unregistered car to avoid being towed.   He failed to disclose his close financial relationship with top assistant Michele Brown, a conflict of interest.  He gave huge no bid contracts to his boss (John Ashcroft) and the man who didn’t prosecute his brother for securities fraud, while 19 others were prosecuted.  He governs with a personal vendetta to the detriment of New Jerseyans.

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He covered up the conflicting stories how he got on and off the list of US Attorneys to be fired.  He and that same top assistant Michele Brown consistently exceeded guidelines in bilking taxpayers for five star hotels.  He quite possibly broke Federal law – the Hatch Act when he discussed running for Governor with his mentor Karl Rove – while still a US Attorney.  

Those are just off the top of my head.  And they aren’t “partisan policy disagreements”.  They are basic character traits of a man with a short temper who is set in his ways, come hell or high water.  We already had a nightmare of a similar “leader” that just left the White House.  And Christie is a disciple of that regime.

And this current situation with the $400 million in education funding that NJ students now lose out on after he took over the application process – accusations and documented support from Bret Schundler that Christie again is playing fast and loose with the facts all while lashing out at anyone who dares to point out the truth.

Understanding that many in the corporate media are overwhelmed and overworked, it would be nice to see some more reporting on this very disturbing pattern of reckless behavior and how these ethical issues on Christie’s part are a danger to the state and its future.  Christie has shown that he does not negotiate in good faith – if he even negotiates at all.  He is not one to be trusted, and his word has been proven over and over to conflict with his actions and reality.

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  1. The Wizard

    He’s a lieutenant in the Bush cartel, a made man in the Bush crime family.


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