Ed Schultz interviews the guy Christie bossed around in California

There are a few reasons I’m posting this clip of Ed Schultz’ segment about Chris Christie. First hat/tips Nick Lento & SmartyJones. We’ve all had an infuriating week watching Christie suck up adulating national coverage both on his GOP promotional tour and especially as he basked in reflected glory standing next to Cory Booker as Mark Zuckerberg handed him a bonus for Newark’s kids on Oprah. I thought we deserved some alternative national coverage of the governor, even though as POLITICO reports, the msnbc hosts – including Rachel Maddow & Schultz – don’t have the juice compared to the screamers, the cryers and the loofah fans on the right like Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly. Yet. Schultz has an interview with the man Gov. Christie tried to intimidate at a Meg Whitman event in California – this guy. Turns out the guy – his name is Ed Buck – isn’t who you might think.

Ed Schultz (msnbc):

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  1. mmgth

    This was up on Huffington Post  this morning and presumably getting national attention. Ed Schultz is doing a critique of Christie again tonight. About time Christie’s being called out.                                                                  

  2. The Wizard

    worse than the the cast of Jersey Shore.

    Why does he always come off like a professional wrestler?

    Minnesota had a professional wrestler for a  governor and he was far more civil than Christie.

  3. carolh

    at nite in Jersey a lot, but my first impression was that he was acting like a good bouncer.

  4. Got Kids

    I did not know this gentleman waited patiently for two (2) hours to ask his question. New Republicans same as the old republicans, no questions allowed.


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