Did My Tax Dollars Pay For This?!?

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What the hell?


This is not a use of “new media” to inform the people of this state – it’s propaganda, straight up, and it’s outrageous if one dime of taxpayer money was used to produce it.

The media shills kissing Christie’s keister at the end is particularly galling – this is shameless self-promotion at a level that would make Newt Gingrich blush. But I’m also really annoyed by the factoids, presented in dramatic animated kerning, that are given here with no attribution whatsoever. “Failing schools”? By whose account?

Anything this nakedly political should tell you who exactly funded it. If “Reform NJ Now” or some other slush fund paid for what is a blatant early campaign ad, we should know that, and it should be in the credits. If this was paid for by the state, there should be hearings. Not one penny of tax money should ever go toward an exercise in narcissism like this.

This guy is the biggest media whore in Republican politics today – and that’s really saying something. His Twitter page is full of media appearance announcements. He’s been on Morning Joe so many times that I’ll bet Scarborough made him a custom chair.

Hey, NJ political reporters, here’s a thought: compare Christie’s media appearances over the last eight months to ANY eight months outside of an election by any other NJ governor. I’ll bet he doubles the next closest one.

He sure loves being on TV more than running the state…

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  1. vmars

    He misused his federal position as US Attorney for political purposes, and now he is using taxpayer dollars for partisan purposes.

    Christie is corrupt.  Simple.

  2. The Wizard

    the rules only apply to Democrats.

    Karl Rove is running New Jersey, and we are doomed unless he’s the target of extraordinary rendition.


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