Early last week, you would have found most of New Jersey’s school teachers in their classrooms, cleaning up, decorating, unloading school supplies that they bought with their own money, and preparing for another year of doing something that is a lot harder than it looks, and therefore doesn’t receive the respect it deserves.

And none of them were required to be there. None of them were paid for being there. They do it because they care about their work, and they care about their kids — your kids, kids they didn’t even know yet.

This week, their governor and aspiring National Politician™, Chris Christie, once again insulted their commitment to their classrooms, made a YouTube video out of it and had his staff gleefully distribute it around the web. Apparently it’s entertaining for some people in this country to watch a powerful man tell some middle-aged women that they’re garbage.

It’s off-putting to watch Chris Christie trying to be America’s first viral video, YouTube president. And it’s especially disappointing that he does it on the backs of dedicated, hard-working members of the middle class in the state he was elected to represent.

So, if going viral is the only way to get a message across to you, Governor, here’s one: #ChristieDoesntCareAboutJersey.

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