Christie Joins Rats in Raritan

Christie’s visit to Raritan Township should shine a light on this recent controversy there:

Rats in suburbia. Literally!

So how’s that for a race to the bottom?

Towns are balking at complying with DEP stormwater regulations, calling them unfunded state mandates.

Christie issued Executive Order #4 which deals with “unfunded mandates” back on his first day in Office.

The League of Municipalities has jumped on the bandwagon.

Many of the targets are environmental requirements.

Democratic Assemblyman John McKeon, also Mayor of West Orange, chairs the Environment Commitee which held hearings last week (see: “Race to the Bottom – With No Brakes or Steering Wheel…

Here’s the Raritan story – read it and weep :

Raritan Twp. Committee rejects requiring Dumpster covers; faces DEP penalties

RARITAN TWP.- The Township Committee defeated a motion to adopt an ordinance requiring Dumpsters to be covered to prevent health hazards; the measure had been mandated by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) so now the township is out of compliance with its discharge permits.

The ordinance would have required that Dumpsters that are outdoors or exposed to storm water be covered to prevent prohibiting “spilling, dumping, leaking” so contents do not end up in the storm sewers.

“We didn’t want this, we were required by the DEP,” Township Administrator Alan Pietrefesa told a resident who was concerned how the township engineer’s office would be able to enforce the ordinance.

“Since 1900 Dumpsters haven’t been covered and we’ve managed to survive,” O’Malley said, smirking.

Kuhrt said water from Dumpsters brings rats and leads to health hazards.…

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