Christie agrees to turn over Race to the Top documents

From a statement released a short while ago from Senate President Steve Sweeney:

Earlier today, the Governor called me to his office and agreed to release the documents Majority Leader Buono has sought if the Senate would postpone its vote on granting the Legislative Oversight Committee subpoena powers.

The Governor agreed to release the materials by Wednesday. I have agreed to the Governor’s request.

Gov. Christie is almost certainly not liking the pile-up of criticism of his increasingly opaque executive branch. And he really doesn’t want Buono compelling his staff to do anything. That does not look good. And it’s particularly not the kind of story you want following you around if you’re a media star governor making his first cross-country endorsement whirlwind trip. His move today reads like a man running ahead of a parade that stepped off without him, grabbing a baton to try and look like he’s leading instead of being yanked. The Senate – in session right now – is scheduled to consider granting Senator Buono’s Legislative Oversight Committee subpoena powers. Buono said late last week that she would ask the full Senate for subpoena powers after receiving what she termed a “woefully inadequate response” to her Open Public Records request for documents in the state’s botched Race to the Top application, in which New Jersey lost $400 million coming in 11th in a competitive program where only the top 10 states received funding.  

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  1. Nick Lento

    ….if the votes were there to get subpoena rights then why give up in exchange for documents she would have got anyway????

    “Postponing” the vote is tantamount to Buono backing off and settling for the Sweeney arranged deal.

    This smells like a plea bargain.

    Unless there is real testimony from real people about what really happened and who said what to who we will never know the truth.

    The money is lost but it is the JOB of the oversight committee to get to the bottom exactly how and why it was lost so that this kind of thing can’t happen again!

    Technically, I suppose, Buono still has the option to ask for subpoenas but when?  In six months?  After everyone has time to get their stories together into a seamless web?

    Again, this smells like a political back room deal/sell out.   And if Buono truly chairs the committee, why is Sweeney negotiating for her with the governor?

    When Democrats compromise on principle they/we lose.  At this rate Republicans will continue to eat the people’s lunch…..and so long as sitting Dems get to keep their own jobs……I suppose they don’t mind much.

    The problem is that it’s not sustainable.  The quality of life in NJ under Republican domination will have us becoming more and more like a third world country consisting of the very rich and the very poor.

    We need RealDemocrats who are willing to really fight back.

    On the other hand, maybe the deal will fall through and Buono will come back and demand a vote for subpoenas so we might possibly get to the truth!   I pray that I am just being overly pessimistic and that she will do the right thing soon!!!  

    I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?  She pisses off Sweeney and makes an enemy out of Norcross for messing up the deal and forcing the Senate to take a public vote on this?   Would that be so terrible?  

  2. speedkillsu

    if all this effort was put forth with the missing 8 million from SCC …but the best was when Corzinre borrowed another 4 billion and just blew off the question of the missing  8 billion with “we’ve learned from our past mistakes ” ….

  3. Winston Smith

    very bad move by Sweeney.

    Subpoena’s are not items to negotiate and play politics with.

    They are legal instruments to get at the facts adn exeercice constitutioonal powers.

  4. firstamend07

    The smart move was to make the Governor give up the papers that Senator Buono wanted in the first place.

    State Senator Sweeney got her exactly what she needed and requested.

    I am surprised, but not shocked ,that the Sweeney haters around here cannot see that the Governor blinked.

  5. parnell44

    Christie agreed to turn over the instant documents, but if the history here is to be a lesson the Committee will need subpoena powers for further uses; calling witnesses, more documentation, etc.  

    Senator Buono should continue to press her case for subpoena powers or she may be back asking for it again in the near future.


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