Update On A Campaign, mine

A possible scandal- the high road taken (ooooh, that wasn’t too smart, “Longshot”).  http://theessentialsteinforcon…

A truck for auction on ebay….http://theessentialsteinforcongress2010.com/Auction_News.html….19 bids, and going nowhere- because car enthusiasts are broke- like the rest of us.

Next, a very unusual contest in which voters can enter to win a rugged, mans table lamp…


And a letter to the editor….


that starts out: “An open letter to Lorenzo Langford from the Democratic candidate for U.S. House of

Representatives. Dear Mayor, let’s not be lulled by retrospectives on Atlantic City in advance of an HBO special, or “quick fixes” and revivals in the next several years led by the new Governor, because the present is prologue, if what I saw in the vicinity of the Trump Taj Majhal and Revel is any indication.   The side streets, boardwalk and beaches are filthy!  I drove my car up to the boardwalk yesterday, by the House of Blues, dropped my wife off, and then parked several blocks away.   The first assault on the senses were the bottles and food wrappers swimming in the huge street puddles from high tide.   But the real shocker was on the other side, in front of the billion dollar
casinos.  Garbage everywhere, two outside showers, and two sets of dirty diapers on the ground next them……”

The Democratic establishment might not have seen fit to run a candidate against “Landslides” (LoBiondo) but I’m trying, Blue Jersey, using just the tools I came into this world with- plus one computer.  Enjoy the last week of summer, I will keep you posted.

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