Time for the Governor to take responsibility and stop trying to pass the buck

This is how I see it –

The Christie Administration has cast a wide net, blaming everyone from mindless drones in Washington to Rahm Emanuel and the Obama Administration itself. The facts are clear, that the mistake in New Jersey’s Race to the Top application originated in the Governor’s office and the blame game should begin and end there.

The Governor was already prepared to scapegoat President Obama before that kind of blew up in his face, instead of taking the blame himself as he should have. Even before this mess started with former Education Commissioner Bret Schundler, the Christie administration was already planing on what they’re response was going to be to be, simply to blame the federal government.

Never mind that the federal government and the Obama administration are the reason we even have a Race to the Top program and funds we could apply for that can help this state. The Christie administration is still going to try and scapegoat them. Gov. Christie is contributing to the shrill nature of politics in this state and in this nation yet again with this scorched earth policy.

The governor needs to apologize to the Obama administration and to the President directly, take responsibility, and stop trying to push it away from his desk.

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  1. Jersey Jazzman

    Remember when that teachers union rep from Bergen (I think) send a stupid cut-and-paste joke around about Christie dying? Remember how Christie not only demanded an apology – he demanded the guy be fired?

    Well, where’s the apology here? He insulted the president and his staff. Where’s the consistency?  

  2. DeadHeadSlim

    I’d settle for an apology to the citizens of NJ, never mind Obama.

    There’s got to be a better way for the governor to keep smashing us over the head with his reforms. The needed changes he’s dictating are great, but to wave a big bag of free money in our faces, just to say “nyah nyah nyah you can’t have it?”


  3. The Wizard

    never apologizes nor admits a mistake.

    The fired U.S Attorneys might disagree, but the Governor kept his job because he did Rove’s bidding.  

  4. wordmeester

    I am embarassed as a NJ resident to have this bozo (whose name I cannot write or utter) as our state leader. How this blowhard got elected baffles me. His election speaks to the infantile nature of the mainstream voter. How many times will uninformed voters fall for conmen like this guy? His whole campaign was classic Bush/Rove–offer no concrete answers or ideas as a candidate–and somehow the public gets fooled, again and again.

    It’s time to swallow hard Governor Smugness and own up to your failure in this mess. Maybe re-instating that tax on NJ millionaires would be the way to replace $400M.

    The arrogance of this man is beyond belief.


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