Somebody tell Rodney Frelinghuysen

via Fred Snowflack, and from NJ-11 Democrats,  we find out what went down at Lenape Valley High School in Stanhope last week.

The congressman was having a town hall meeting. And “about five people” – that’s “5” – showed up there with signs encouraging Frelinghuysen to debate his Democratic opponent, Doug Herbert.

They weren’t making noise, weren’t even holding the signs up so everybody could see them. But they were asked to leave. And they said no. So the police were called, and they and their signs were ejected. Mind you, a constituent hand-delivered an invitation to a debate her group – Sparta Unites for our Schools – is having. I can see how that would be unnerving.

What’s Frelinghuysen so afraid of? Doesn’t he know signs don’t win elections?  

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  1. xenos90

    I hope Doug keeps pressing the issue, Doug and Rodney should debate so Doug Herbert can prove he is the better man for the job.

  2. yankees12345

    I agree with xenos90. I just don’t understand why Rodney is always trying to dodge Doug’s challenge. If Rodney really wants to win this election, he’s got to prove he’s better. Obviously, he knows that Doug is the better man and that’s why he’s avoiding the debate.

  3. shinnvaulter5

    Frelinghuysen really called the police on those people?

    there were what, five? that to me just seems to speak to some insecurities…

    i’d like to see that debate

  4. The Wizard

    for Rodney. Democrats are considered the Anti Christs in Morris County.  


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