The Press of Atlantic City talks to Frank LoBiondo’s Democratic challenger, Gary Stein:

The Democrat running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd, criticized LoBiondo’s decision to vote against emergency federal funding to boost jobs for teachers…

In a written statement, Stein said, “LoBiondo has got to be feeling very uncomfortable now that he has voted to abandon his unionized supporters, because there are more teachers than Tea Party activists in the 2nd District.”

Preach on, Stein! Oh wait…

Gary Stein, of Mullica Township, says he would have voted the same way.

You can’t imagine how depressing this is.  I blame party bosses for not recruiting even a symbolic candidate.

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  1. Dennis Hyer

    LoBiondo is my congressman, and I always look forward to voting against him. But thanks to the Democrats, whose failure to even run a candidate allowed this whackadoodle Reaganite to claim the nomination, I’m probably going to end up voting for LoBiondo for the first time in my life.

    Another brilliant GOTV strategy from the Democratic Party brain trust.

  2. Babs NJSD

    Stein ran for governor as a Republican in 2009 and now as a Democrat for congress in 2010.

    I will admit that if he is the only Democrat to run …. it is pathetic and one must question what is happening in South Jersey.

    Let’s at least hope there is a great GOTV for Adler vs. the donkey farmer and ex-pigskin player!

  3. gary stein

    From Project Vote Smart which is due in next week…

    Gun Issues

    a) Do you support restrictions on the purchase and possession of guns? yes

    d) Do you support a ban on assault rifles? yes

    e) Other or expanded principles  

    My opponent has been a consistent and reliable water carrier for the NRA.  Of all the myriad issues and troubling problems facing America, here’s one issue Frank LoBiondo hasn’t wavered on- guns!

    ….whaddya you folks want from me!

  4. Bill Orr

    Your position on abortion,marriage equality, NJ family health clinics, millionaire’s tax, homebuyer tax credits, immigration, and job creation for starters.

  5. gary stein

    I’m for a woman’s right to choose. I’m for single sex marriage, I’m for Single Payer, I’m for taxing the rich, I’ve ridiculed my congressman for not extending a hand to homeowners- I was actually hitting him on that one back in 2008 for a callous vote when the problem was then only limited to states like Florida and Nevada……and I’m for amnesty.  What else?

  6. gary stein

    I might be half nuts too…..


    …..this constant carping between us folks on the short end of the s*^##* end of the stick is tiring, brother.

  7. Rosi Efthim

    a candidate who says he might be half nuts … difficult.

  8. Jersey Jazzman

    Mr. Stein, how can anyone take you seriously as a candidate if you can’t even cobble together a half-way professional-looking website?

    And giving a laundry list of your “positions” (“I’m for amnesty” is not a position) is not all you need to win over the crowd here: you’ve got to have a plan to mount a credible campaign. Sorry, I don’t see it.

    This is what Rosi talks about in her signature: why are we letting LoBiondo get away with not even running a campaign this year? Why are we letting him off so easily?

    Congressional races are wars of attrition. Even if you think no Democrat has a chance against LoBiondo, you still run a credible candidate against him for four reasons:

    1) Force him to spend money and use resources that his party can otherwise give to candidates in tougher races.

    2) Give an up-and-comer training and exposure that can help them in a future race.

    3) Have a credible challenger in place in case LoBiondo gets caught “hiking the Appalachian Trail” in some other scandal (not saying he is in one, but you never know).

    4) Pump up the base in the district to keep them organized and ready for state-wide and national elections.

    Blue Jerseyans want a progressive to run, sure, but I would settle for a conservative Dem if he or she was a CREDIBLE candidate. The state chair has got to understand this.

    I guess that it was too late for John Wisniewski to do anything about this (correct me if I’m wrong about that, please), but I can’t think of a better way to judge his effectiveness two years from now.

  9. Jersey Jazzman

    Wikipedia says Obama won NJ2 54-45%. Is that correct?

    How could the state party look at that and think NJ2 is NOT in play?


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