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Through working with Food & Water I’ve seen a couple of victories on the campaign to stop oil and gas companies from setting up off shore LNG (liquefied natural gas) ports off the Jersey Shore and from bringing gas pipelines through Middlesex County, and now there’s an opportunity to voice support for a bipartisan resolution opposing LNG of the coast of NJ at an upcoming Joint Senate/Assembly Environmental Committee Hearing on Thursday, August 12th, 9:30 to 2pm at the Toms River Municipal Building, 33 Washington Ave, Toms River.  

The resolutions with sponsors and co-sponsors listed are: SR58/AR59

Here’s a sampling of some of the issues from the resolution:

A SENATE RESOLUTION opposing the development of liquefied natural gas facilities offshore of New Jersey…

Construction of a LNG facility will devastate important fish habitat, impact endangered, threatened, and protected species, damage seafloor habitat, destroy vast quantities of marine life when ocean water is used to refill huge emptied tankers with billions of gallons of seawater to replace LNG cargos, and create potential exposure to stronger and more frequent hurricanes, nor’easters, and wind and wave risks; and…The proposed LNG facilities will straddle shipping lanes in the New York/New Jersey Harbor region, the busiest port on the East Coast and third busiest in the country, dramatically affecting shipping traffic patterns when tankers approach and depart the facility, interfering with port traffic, and increasing the risk of shipping accidents; and …

LNG projects will permanently exclude the public from the ocean as vast areas of ocean will be off limits to the public, boaters and fishing vessels;…

This House opposes the development of liquefied natural gas facilities off the New Jersey coast, and supports increased energy efficiency and energy conservation and the promotion of renewable energy technologies and projects.

Action:  Contact these members of the Environmental Commitees that aren’t yet co-sponsoring and ask for their support in opposing LNG:

Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R), District 16  908 526-360

Assemblywoman Denise Coyle (R), District 16 908 218-4059

Assemblyman Charles Mainor (D), District 31 201 536-7851

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