“Pride, Precision, and Professionalism”

What events in NJ attract a crowd of over 600,000 people? Izod Arena holds 23,000 and Meadowlands stadium holds over 60,000. One of the few event I can think of is a result of intensive training, winnowing of candidates, incredible guts, supreme determination, laser-like focus, and the highest level of professionalism. Unfortunately it’s not our NJ politicians. It’s the air force Thunderbirds and colleagues – a total of 80 pilots who flew in the Atlantic City Air Show on Wednesday dazzling us with their skills, death-defying aerobatics, and precision teamwork.

It’s not that we haven’t had great political leaders in New Jersey. Today a person like Senator Loretta Weinberg who started as Assistant Administrator to the County of Bergen, and then went on to become a Teaneck Councilwoman, Assemblywoman, Senator and LG candidate is an example to emulate. Our own Jeff  Gardner first spent time learning the craft and then mobilized Democrats in his town to take over the Democratic committee.

Politics, above the introductory level, should be a vocation not an avocation. People with huge sums of money and zero political experience should not assume they are qualified for a high position. Those who are idolized only as a sports hero lack the training. Those who hold multiple positions lack the focus and are subject to conflicts of interest. They also need to understand what they do not know and avoid micromanagement, like thinking their office has the skills to direct the rewrite of a complex grant. As in all professions, politics requires training and ongoing education. Starting at a local level is an important step. Mastering new media is a virtual requirement today. Working smart and total immersion are necessary. A variety of groups including DFA provide the nuts and bolts for beginners. Garden State Equality recently offered a seminar to its constituency.

I don’t particularly want a Thunderbird pilot as a NJ governor or legislator. But I sure would like politicians to receive more training and education before assuming midlevel or high positions and then to display more professionalism, focus, dedication and teamwork. If such were to happen maybe our leaders would have a higher voter approval, more voter turn out at the polls, and a level of enthusiasm, interest, and respect somewhat closer to what the Thunderbirds receive. And it’s up to all of us to insist on higher standards.

To read about Wednesday’s event and view videos of the air show go to The Press of Atlantic City or the Thunderbirds website. Their motto: “Pride, Precision, and Professionalism.”

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