“Let’s Make America Great”

November 2nd.  That is the day where all voters in the 11th district should go elect a new person for congress.  This person should care about the needs of the people of New Jersey and America.  This person should be aware of the growing number of un-employed, especially in New Jersey where the number grew to 9.7% this past month.  This person’s interests should also satisfy the people he is serving.  The right man for this job is Douglas Herbert (D).

Doug is running against eight-term incumbent Rodney Frelinghuysen (R).  On July 28th Doug challenged Rodney to a debate about the issues facing the hardworking people of New Jersey and America.  Rodney still has not responded to this offer.  This debate is even supported by newspapers across the 11th district. Overall, In a Democracy don’t we debate?  What is Rodney so scared of that he will not respond to this offer?  Maybe, he doesn’t want to show that he doesn’t agree with Doug’s plans to fight un-employment, and help small businesses create jobs and new opportunities.  After all isn’t that what is really needed in this economic climate?  Maybe he is against fighting to reduce our deficit and return our country to its economic prosperity; which is another goal of Doug’s.  With all of the budget cuts to education in New Jersey; the funding of education has become a big topic of discussion.  Doug believes creating greater educational opportunities for students in New Jersey and across America will allow for long-term success. To properly educate the leaders of tomorrow the educators cannot be looked down upon and have jobs eliminated, adding to the un-employment.  Frelinghuysen recently voted against saving 3,900 New Jersey teachers their jobs.  

With our country and state in such a huge debt (in America approx. 13 trillion and NJ approx. 30 billion) we need a deficit reduction, and fast.  Doug believes in “putting common sense behind every cent of our tax dollars.” He also believes that real reform means real fiscal responsibility.  Unlike his opponent, Rodney, who spent money we clearly do not and did not have and continues to spend taxpayers’ money on earmarks totaling $101.5 million in the past two years.

The candidate for this election needs to be Douglas Herbert. We need to “Get America Working Again” and to start turning Washington around.  We can only do this if we change the people being sent there. If you are in the 11th district remember to go put your vote out for Douglas Herbert on November 2nd!

Let’s start changing the problems we are facing now with a new choice for congress!

For more information or to volunteer to the campaign please visit: http://www.douglasherbert.org/  

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