Dear Gov. Christie: Can the 2012 VP campaign (for now)

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Dear Gov. Christie (and whoever is manning your YouTube account),

Whoa, buddy! Did you have a good week? A poll says you’re more popular than President Obama, you looked good on the Muslim issue and a bunch of people in Washington are shelling out big bucks to have a movie made about you. I even dedicated an entire column to praising you (to be posted at The Aquarian sometime soon)!

But look dude: you have to chill.

I could not believe my eyes when this came up on First Read:

“I think the party is where Chris Christie is,” said NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe. “There are people like Chris Christie who are the future leaders of the Republican Party.” To which Joe Scarborough responded that Christie “is going to be on everybody’s short ticket (for vice president) in 2012” – a clip that Christie’s staff touts on the governor’s Youtube site.

(Emphasis: mine)

I know I’ve said some pretty harsh things about you, Guv, but I think you’re an OK guy. You’re Jersey! And that’s awesome. And I think you would be a good representative of our state as a person, though I disagree with you politically.

Today, you’ve been governor for seven months and one day. You don’t need to toot your own horn for 2012. Not now. Not for a while, OK? So take that thing down from YouTube, put it in your ‘Best Of’ folder and save it for later.



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