Best Acting By A Politician: 2008

Catching up on this site, Blue Jersey.  Read a few diaries and the morning roundup.  Good luck with all your endeavors.  Fight the good fight; I’ll continue with my crusade. One last diary about me, before I literally hit the road campaigning.  

Unfortunately you folks- and what’s looking more and more like a  majority here in  S. Jersey- might waste a golden opportunity to unseat a real political hack, just because (as been pointed out) I don’t score A’s and B’s in certain specified categories thought needed to run and get elected.  

“You haven’t paid your dues!” What??  By, being elected to town council, or having run for Freeholder or something similiar? I hear the criticism all the time. But know this, there’s going to be a 40% plus minority that does cast it’s vote, against this incumbent- and it’s a crying shame- I can’t get any support and build on that!  Question; is it more important for political activists, or the members of the press to prove you’ve been right all along- that I have no business in this- then it is for an unknown to get a fair shake at toppling a seriously out of touch political dinosaur?  He starts nearly every re-election speech talking about his down home, blue collar roots in Vineland.  All that’s missing is the whistle stop tour?  There’s so many reasons I call him a snake oil salesman.

I apologize for that bit of name calling.  On a much higher note, here’s what our experienced-8 term Congressman’s done (or not done).  I’m smart enough to discern it, and that should be recommendation enough, I would think, to give him the boot and get me elected one time, at the least.

The LoBiondo deal breaker. He ran HARD on term limits… and the newspapers in subsequent elections, pointed to that as a reason to continue endorsing him!  Mr. Shrewd Politician knew to entrench himself while he was getting the benefit of the doubt by the editorial writers in South Jersey.  Did it matter 12 years later that he broke the original linchpin of voter trust- that put him in Congress in the first place.  Not really, I was a Republican, until just recently, I don’t recall ever hearing about this in 2004 and 2006, because Franks supporters, which I was one, are either too lazy, or too busy.  Or maybe the campaign coverage is just too complicated a business- excuse me for saying that S. Jersey Press.  The man is incredibly lucky too.  He won an open seat in 1994, and in 2006, he had the weakest opponent he’s ever faced.  Viola Thomas-Hughes was on record stating she’ll catch up on the issues if she’s elected!  Other things, like him being pro-choice, got tossed aside too, once it was safe to do so.  Nobody remembers- or even knows some of these things- as I said, I’m a witness, voting for him 6 times.

Frank”No News is Good News” LoBiondo
.  He warmed his way into the hearts of many constituents by keeping a low profile in ego-driven Washington, and what’s better, he quietly talks on the phone with a select few of us each day.  This “Pol.” knows that this “personal touch,”  with a just a few constituents will make its way into the “letters to the editor” page, touting what a “greaaaaaat guy” he is.  The appointments to Annapolis, and West Point; a little funding for the district here, a little there….fix a few social security check snafus, and he’s doin his job, he’s the man!  It’s all the other Congressman who are the skunks!  

The Dark Side.  He was (past tense) so continually calculating,  he  figured out the best way to keep getting elected, and ward off  real competition every two years, was to play at being bipartisan.  Ask Jeff Van Drew if I’m correct. Because he’s reversed himself on several issues now, thanks mostly to the Tea Party phenomenon, the evidence is in, that yes, he was in fact playacting!  Cap and Trade is just one, I wrote about another last week, and there’s more.  I stand by the charge- he’s a “poser” who’s been outed.  He’s against against equal rights for gays and lesbians, by the way.  Let’s give him hell on that one!  Bi-partisan my foot, he doesn’t deserve one Democrats vote this fall.

Unfortunately, the strange times we live in now, presented Frank with some genuine “Profile’s in Courage” moments, and he blew them all.  Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the slow descent of Americas economic might, the ascent of China’s etc, all presented Congress with some real tough choices.

Frank can explain away his “no” votes on TARP, banks and the auto bailout, and reduce it to truly simple nonsense- like it just being about Wall Street bonuses; his tightly controlled opinions on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan won’t  be so easy disguised, with me in the race now.  I’m no lawyer- I’m the real blue collar guy- maybe the term is not perfect, but I accuse Frank of “malice aforethought” in a debate with Dave Kurkoski, his main challenger 2 years ago. I was in the audience.  Mr. LoBiondo was ready with a staged reaction to a question he didn’t want to answer. Frank pretended to be emotionally overwrought about a “personal” issue- the passing of his in-law- 50 some weeks earlier-  as the Democrat, Dave Kurkowski asked him why he missed the vote on the Iraq troop surge in 2007.  LoBiondo nearly broke down and cried- putting Kurskowski on the defensive, when it should have been the Congressman on the defensive!  It was a stunt- he’s welcome to respond.  What’s more he pulled off this great bit of acting in front of a room full of macho UNION SHILLS- ordered from high up to attend the debate- like they’re ordered to do other things for him- and they  were too disinterested to see what was actually happening.

Frank composed himself long enough to mutter that he made a statement on the proposed troop surge- before the House- even if he missed the vote.  He then took a snipe at Kurkowshi for even deigning to ask.  It was a debate?  I think I recall that much.  Reporters, the two panelists, even Mr. Kurkowski never thought, or didn’t dare to follow up, the whole thing was too embarrassing.  Voters in the 2nd district, but especially the military and their families should know that there’s an unfitting ending to this story given how the troop surge worked out. In 2007, it was seen as a Republican Hail Mary pass.  I discovered the missing link, by using a free data bank at the local library, just a few months ago.  Frank had every right to go on record the way he did in 2007, but no right to avoid answering the question posed by Dave Kurkoski in 2008.  This is worthy of being called a real political  “cover up.”  Anyone interested in the REST OF THE STORY, I’d be happy to share the specifics.  

I’m all we got at ousting the “great deceiver” because nobody else bothered to file as a Democratic challenger,  except me.  The troops, the 2nd disrict voter, but  Conservatives especially – his bread and butter- should know about the machinations of this United States Congressman that night, two years ago,  at Stockton State College.

I met with one of LoBiondo’s famously  leading critics Tuesday, a politician, and he didn’t know anything about this- even though I sent him a link to the page on my web site, months ago with all the details.  He never looked! And Dave Kurkowski, who I met several times in 2008, what about him?  To this day, I’m sure, he probably wonders what’s the answer to the question he first wisely thought to ask in 2008!    This infamous story is buried in one of the 100 plus pages on my  site- who could blame anyone for either not knowing where to look…..or not opening emails from obscure candidates for Congress, like me.  Somebody, ask, what did I discover in the back issues of the Philadelphia Inquirer from 2007, that Frank LoBiondo hopes never sees the light of day?  Blue Jersey Democrats, I’m doing the heavy lfiting- what about it- can I win you over?

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  1. kingmanj

    We all know that LoBiondo has gone far right, specifically since the rise of the new right.  He is a hypocrite and his disconnect from reality is unsettling.  I was in grade school when he ran on his term limit promise and now I’m in graduate school and he’s still my districts representative.  Cap and Trade originally a Republican idea now he is steering clear of the proposal.   His handling on the international military front is an embarrassment to our district.  He’s a hawk.  Just “support our troops” even if it means missing votes, not knowing details, making stuff up.  I think that Mr. LoBiondo and Mr. Stein should have a public debate on the issues that our facing our country.  Whether or not one agreed with the ultimate health care law, Mr. LoBiondo’s only criticism is the number of pages.  I have text books that total more than 2000 pages by far and have to know them verbatim with in 12 weeks.  And he couldn’t find any criticisms in a bill besides the number of pages, when he had a year to read it! Someone needs to give this guy some schooling and I think Mr. Stein is the man for the job.  

  2. MuzikLuvAffair

    I’m a 21 yr-old college senior who was born, raised, and still resides in the 2nd district, and I’d love to see LoBiondo unseated. The man’s record speaks for itself, but the alternative isn’t much better. Stein’s campaign is based solely on LoBiondo’s bad track record. That’s not enough. I will not vote for Stein instead of LoBiondo just because he is the only other option, if that is the case I’d rather not vote at all. And sadly, the majority of my peers feel the same way (i.e. Governor Christie’s election). The only other stance I’ve seen from Stein in detail is on immigration, in his numerous comments about Mexico this and Mexico that. Immigration is a hot-button issue in this country right now but not high on my list of priorities for candidates as I’m not directly affected by illegal immigrants. I need to hear Stein’s position on issues more relevant to me like healthcare, education funding and student loans, gay marriage, etc. And not 1 sentence answers like “I support single sex marriage” but well-thought out, thorough answers showcasing he understands both the pros and cons of any decision he’ll make. At this point (there is still plenty of time left) LoBiondo doesn’t even need to campaign and he’ll be re-elected yet again. I want to believe in Stein but from what I’ve seen thus far, I believe I’d be a more viable Congressional candidate for the 2nd district.  

  3. kingmanj

    I share some of the same concerns as “Muzik” on Mr. Stein’s stance on the issues.  He seems to be just running on an anti-LoBiondo platform.  This strategy has historically not worked for the party in power.  A former R running as a D does caste a shadow of a doubt in my mind on where he’ll stand on the issues (even when going threw your website).  But he is still far better than LoBiondo.  There is one, very important thing about this race.  That is that the D’s keep the House.  If the R’s win, by just one vote, than Joe Barton will become the head of the House Energy Committee (or something like that), the same man who apologized to BP.  More importantly, the R’s would hold subpoena power!  It would be impossible for any more legislation that Obama supports would go threw congress.  The top R in the House already said he would spend all the time he has in power to investigate the White House.  So yeah, education (Loans, etc), healthcare, same-sex marriage rights, DODT, energy reform would all be on hold (not like it’s not already, but even more so).  If by some miracle LoBiondo is ousted it may be an achievement not only for district 2, but for America.  

    Furthermore, I would recommend Mr. Stein getting his name out there.  Everyone in this district (love him or hate him) know of LoBiondo, while few have heard of Stein.  I honestly think you [Mr. Stein] have a good chance of winning or well coming closer than previous nominees, if you get your name out there.  Try Stockton College, they’re always looking for guest speakers, and whether or not you’re a good public speaker, you’ll at least get your name out there!  (If interested let me know!) Start with the less conservative towns (hard to find in district 2).  But plenty of folks in Atlantic County are dissatisfied with LoBiondo and looking for an alternative.  You are enough of a moderate, middle of the road type guy, to be appealing in several neighborhoods.  Get your name out there! Fliers, I would say tv ads but you refuse to take any money, door to door type of grassroots work, online (which you’re doing anyway).  Try towns like Somers Point, Northfield, Ventnor maybe, parts of EHT, Absecon maybe.  Whether or not you’re the ideal candidate, I’ll push my friends and family to vote for you!


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