This should put a smile on everyone’s face

You would think that Democrats, having just lost the Governor’s race, would be the ones at each other’s throats, but it seems things are getting real nasty between the rightwing and extremely rightwing bloggers over at the pro-Christie “Save Jersey” blog and the pro-Lonegan “Conservatives With Attitude” (ie. “Crackpots With Agita”).

Now the state’s Grand High Exalted Mystic Ruler of Wingnut Journalism, Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, has entered the fray with a scathing attack on Christie’s cheerleaders over at Save Jersey.  It seems what started it all was a blog post on Save Jersey poking fun at Lonegan’s vision impairment.  It escalated into a war of words and a lot of trash talk between head bloggers Matt Rooney at Save Jersey and Michael Illions at CWA.  Illions, a former professional wrestler himself, knows how to put on a good show and with Mulshine in the mix this is really turning into a hardcore no-holds-barred street fight between the two biggest GOP bloggers in the state that would even make WWE CEO and Connecticut GOP Senate candidate Linda McMahon turn red with embarrassment.  

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