The 2nd’s Dem. challenger, asks for input

Hello Blue Jersey Democrats, I’m a life long Republican- a working class stiff by the way- who recently hitched my wagon to the Democratic Party in order to do something unusual.  How often does a Congressman’s supporter in 6 previous elections, change parties, successfully make it through the primary and become his chief opponent in the fall?

Anyone serious enough about their politics, to be “on-line” on a political blog on the 4th of July weekend, is dedicated enough for me to solicit an opinion on my progress to date.  My opponent is Frank LoBiondo….

….from New Jersey’s 2nd District, my name is Gary Stein (Democrat).  As a way of sharing with you a quick background, here’s a posting by me from Atlantic County Democrat’s facebook page.  It’s a little snarky, but I’ve come out of nowhere and the up-hill battle wears on your patience.  These folks had a false-start of a page once before, my introduction alludes to that fact.  And I need to point out that LoBiondo has the unions down here, tied around his little finger, plus he’s reversed himself on several important issues.  Thanks, here’s me..

“So this is were all the action is…. as opposed to…..…

I’ll be more mindful on this page, that’s a promise. The Republican Congressman from this district got burned once too often when he tried voting with Democrats, don’t expect anymore of that! That’s because his heart was never in it- it was all show, i.e, Cap and Trade, off shore oil drilling, etc. He’s not voting to extend unemployment benefits, but if there’s a new firetruck for the 2nd, buried in some bill somewhere, he’d be for a budget busting bill, full of earmarks. The unions need to get behind his opponent, mixed up Frank was against saving GM and Chrysler, or saving the banks, or aiding distressed homeowners- even though he voted to repeal Glass-Steagal- setting the stage for the housing bubble, the bad economy, stagnant auto sales………on and on…you get the idea.”

What I’d appreciate is a critique of my continually expanding, a little ungainly-slightly out of the box- web site.  There, I acknowledged up front, it’s gotten away from me.  Can this site ever work?  Here’s the last page I added.  Enjoy the music if you decide to take the plunge.  Help me out.  Somebody help us all out, things are rotten and getting worse.  Thanks.


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  1. gary stein (Post author)

    to the Atlantic County Democrats.  Why not add them as a friend while you’re there?

  2. gary stein (Post author)

    where’s my diary posted? I can’t find it if I go to what I’m guessing is the home page.  Not an auspicious start, as usual.  I might as well, go watch “This Week”   Hoping for feed back when I return.


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