Oh to be a fly on the runway

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President Obama arrived in Newark Wednesday afternoon as part of a whirlwind day in the metro area for the Commander-In-Chief. He was scheduled to tape an episode of “The View” to air Thursday, attend a private DNC fundraiser at New York's Four Seasons hotel and a second fundraiser at the home of Vogue editor Anna Wintour – all this after a lunch stop at the Tastee Sub Shop in Edison, NJ.

Eagerly waiting to greet the President on the tarmack at Newark Liberty International (as shown in these photos released by the Governor's office) were Newark Mayor Cory Booker and Governor Chris Christie, in what could have been a rather uncomfortable political Ménage à trois. You see, Christie just might like to take Obama's job, Booker would probably settle for either Christie's or Obama's job, and Obama was just wanting to get the formalities over so he could grab half a “Super Sub” at Tastee and hang with Whoopi Goldberg & Co.

Only three people REALLY know the conversation that took place during that brief encounter, but wouldn't it be fun to speculate?

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Runway Rendevousz

So what was Mayor Booker thinking? Perhaps this:

“Not only can I block his shot and kick this skinny guy's ass, I'm smarter than him.” (HT to 'Winston Smith' for that one)

It was suggested that the “toilet paper” reference might be a bit harsh, but Mayor Booker did start this, after all! And the Mayor even good-naturedly “re-Tweeted” a post of the above photo to his Twitter followers Wednesday evening.

And Governor Christie, his expression is priceless – what was going through his mind?

“What on earth am I doing on this hotter-than-hell runaway with these two clowns? Why not bring “Snooki” and “The Situation” along while we are at it!”

There are certainly topics we know were NOT brought up by the Governor:

“You know, Mr. President, I really have NO idea what goes on in the minds of Congressmen Frelinghuysen and Garrett.”

“Mr. President, I'm working on this “Municipal Tool Kit thingy…would you happen to have a few hundred million dollars of stimulus funds laying around that aren't needed?”

So what conversation do you think took place on the tarmack? Inquiring minds want to know!

Comments (8)

  1. Jersey Shore John

    Dis is so funny: All da guys down da shore and me? We was laughing about dis: If bolt you and Cory stood behind me? Right? Y’followin’? I could hide bolt youse guys! Right? Get it?”

  2. Hopeful

    Christie asked for more federal money vfrom programs he attacked during his campaign.

  3. Winston Smith

    I think they meant to write:

    “Obama goes down on business”

    Two big fat political targets – Wall Street and Christie – staring him in the face and he talks about business!

  4. Bill Orr

    a Presidential visit of a couple of minutes’ conversation on a tarmac and 30 minutes with a few small business men in Edison? Not  much. Bah! Humbug!

  5. ken bank

    I really had hoped for a “Charlie Crist” moment between Christie and Obama that would make the TNuts completely crazy.

  6. ken bank

    Secret Service agents apparently kicked Anna Little and her entourage out of Burger King when she tried to hold a “press conference” there.

    Even Anna Little can’t have it her way at Burger King.


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