Menendez: “You can’t kill Americans and at the end of the day be celebrated and Free”

Senator Menendez did the media rounds yesterday to talk about the connections between BP, Libya and the Pan Am  103 bomber. Here’s the video of his appearance on Fox News with Shep Smith:

The Senator said in the interview that this action to free the bomber undermines our collective effort in fighting global terrorism and they will push this to the max, despite the fact that the British Government is an ally and doesn’t seem interested in looking into the matter. And here’s his MSNBC interview on the topic:

Along with talking about the BP/Libya connections, the Senator also talked on MSNBC about the situtation in the Senate with jobless benefits. He said the Republicans are just being obstructionists pointing to all their efforts to stand in the way by saying NO and voting NO.  

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  1. Winston Smith

    Stop reinforcing the winger terrorism meme.

    Words, frames, messages matter.

  2. SmartyJones

    Salon’s NJ correspondent:

    I just wish you, or someone here, would fight the national pundits, who know nothing about NJ, and who think Christie is the creme of the crop.

    Anyways, good on ya JRB.


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