Family Planning Drama as Sen Weinberg chases Gov Christie out the back Door

Promoted by Rosi. Proud of her feminist friend, Jay. And the Senator from Teaneck.

It's nice to see the Senate Democratic leadership so supportive of this issue but it's really lame that Gov. Christie is still so intransigent on women's health and family planning.   So we paid him a visit.  Again.

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  1. Jason Springer

    Great video, but it’s absolutely pathetic that the Governor can’t take time to be bothered to even meet an hear their concerns or proposals.  Good to see the Legislators standing together on this.

  2. Bill Orr

    As you seemed to realize, someone telling you that cameras are prohibited in the Governor’s office is uttering pure bs.  The continuation of the hallway/reception area where you were leads into his outer public office complete with a podium and lectern to address the press and plenty of space for cameras. With your intrepid reporting and with Sen. Weinberg and lots of other legislators speaking out, there is still a good chance to win this one for NJ women.  

  3. The Wizard

    runs in from a Jewish grandmother.

    That’s so Republican.  

  4. Jay Lassiter (Post author)

    So we didn’t just barge in mind you.  we called a half dozen times and loretta even sent a letter and fax beforehand.


  5. Matthew Jordan

    Really fantastic the work you are doing in Trenton.  

  6. kevmor

    Great work, Jay. One guy with a Handycam is showing up the Governor. The footage of a united front in the legislature, plus the great scenes in the Governor’s office, it’s all great. Keep it up.

  7. Jay Lassiter (Post author)

    As a resident of Cherry Hill it was doubly sweet that Pam Lampitt and Jim Beech were the first to arrive and the last to leave these back-to-back press events fighting for this issue.

  8. rjsnj

    I wish I could say that about the rest of our caucus.  What a pathetic showing on the budget.  Get a sphine because the bully is already back with even more cuts to services!

  9. Nick Lento

    Loretta Weinberg must not be put into he position of being a lone heroic voice that Christie and the right wing hate machine can then try to marginalize.

    The truth is that Christie and the Republicans are trying to get away with advancing a George Bush right wing agenda in New Jersey.

    This is an election year, let’s make them pay a political price if they really want to push radical right wing policies in New Jersey!  

    Keep turning up the lights on these cowards Jay.  Great work!!!

    Christie is a tough talking big bully who carries a little stick.  

    In any kind of real free and fair debate on this and on most issues, Christie would have his head handed to him by an informed and competent aggressive progressive.

    I hope the Democrats figure out that they are STILL a majority and that they must do EVERYTHING they can to expose the Christie/Republican/Bush agenda to the people of NJ!!!  And do all they can to obstruct the Christie agenda and to offer positive progressive alternatives,  that means forcing Christie to veto everything good and decent and forcing the Republicans to either sustain the veto on the record…or to actually VOTE for what is good and decent!

    Such a strategy is good policy and good politics.   Let’s get it done!


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