Christie’s proposals cross paths with Bergen County campaigns again

This is becoming a pattern. First the Governor changed the message of the Bergen County races when he tried to scrap the Blue Laws. That effort died a painful death, but not before it created a skirmish between Dennis Mcnerney and his opponent in the County Executive race, Kathleen Donovan who wouldn’t challenge Christie on his plans and tried to split the difference saying the voters should make the call.

So it’s no surprise that when news leaked the other night that the Governor wanted to sell the Meadowlands racetrack for a dollar and privatize the NJSEA, Donovan tripped over her own quotes to get a response out in support:

Calling it a “major benefit for Bergen County taxpayers,” Kathe Donovan, Republican candidate for Bergen County executive, applauded a governor’s commission proposal to dismantle the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority.

Well there are a few problems that the McNerney campaign pointed out, including the fact that she came out in support of a plan she didn’t even see basing her response on a newspaper article:

Last night, Kathleen Donovan jumped in line behind Governor Christie and sold out Bergen County again.  In fact, she signed on to support the Governor’s latest crippling plan for Bergen without even seeing it.  This plan is nothing more than a government bailout at the expense of Bergen County taxpayers.  The fact that Miss Donovan would support a plan she has never seen that is potentially devastating to the county because of a newspaper report is disturbing.  Unfortunately, this disinterest in details at the expense of Bergen residents has been commonplace for Miss Donovan.

To be fair, she did say the Xanadu proposal might require further review although she nearly came out in support of that too:

“Before any state support is committed to this project we should be fully aware of the public’s risk,” she said. “However, the potential for construction and full time employment should make this project’s ultimate success a top priority.”  

Maybe that means she’ll actually read the commission report before deciding to jump on the Christie bus.  

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  1. Teedyuscung

    I picked up the newspaper this morning and saw more scandal, this time with BCIA, purveyors of Overpriced Park and Encrap. How can any real Democrat support this record?  

  2. Got Kids

    In order for the Meadowlands to prosper it needs a divorce from the political and NIMBY interests that have hobbled innovation. The Gov’s plan creates the groundwork from which to launch creative initiatives that are determined more by free market analysis than re/election interests.

    Public investment in Xanadu is wrong! Just wrong.  This is how company’s get a Free Lunch;  enriching themselves at public expense and sticking Us with the bill (Joseph Stiglitz).  Perhaps our conservative friends will realize this is how our tax dollars are wasted.  Expelling the notion that immigrants or “welfare queens” are the source of our economic ills.


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